Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Edition

What better way to get acquainted with our homegrown world floor champ before her Wide World of Sports appearance tomorrow than with this new feature article from Linda Pearce!

Lauren now has an official Facebook fanpage which you can check out here. There is a very sweet welcome message from the girl herself!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Hear It For The Boys

GA this week also announced our MAG squads and upcoming assignments. Congrats to the lads!

World Championship Squad:
Luke Wiwatowski - QAS
Sam Offord - SA
Prashanth Sellathurai - NSWIS
Luke Wadsworth - VHPC
Thomas Pichler - QAS
Josh Jefferis - QAS
Naoya Tsukahara - QAS
Sam Simpson - QAS
Michael Merceica - NSWIS
Sean O'Hara - SA
Philippe Rizzo - ACT
Jayden Bull - VHPC
Briece Newton - VHPC
Mitchell Morgans - NSWIS
Dion Pocklington - VIC

Junior Commonwealth Games Team:
Tyson Bull - VHPC
Kent Pieterse - VHPC
Declan Stacey - NSWIS
Coach: Leon Rachenko

Japan Junior Team:
Tyson Bull - VHPC
Coach: Leon Radchenko

Ghent Challenger Cup:
Luke Wadsworth - VHPC
Jayden Bull - VHPC
Sean O'Hara - SA
Elliott Cook - WA
Coaches: Greg Corsiglia
Coach/Judge: John Curtin

Open Levels Tour Team:

Level 7
Jack Norman - QLD
Matthew McKenna - SA
Joshua Meyer - QLD
Stephen Moulds - SA
Shoji Isomoto - Reserve - NSW

Level 8
Michael Tone - QLD
Dylan Sclumpf - QLD
Jordan Papandrea - NSW
Jay Pery - QLD
Zachariah Salameh - Reserve - NSW

Level 9
Michael Tonegato - NSW
Jack Doyle - NSW
Gerard Atzenl - QLD
Brendon Lee - QLD
Mark Rogers - Reserve - NSW
Niall O'Leary - QLD
Adrian Looney - QLD
Tricia O'Connell - NSW
Andrew Cordery - SA

Austrian Future Cup Team:
Scott Costin - QLD
Robert Thornton - QLD
Clay Stephens - SA
Lachlan Savill - QLD
Mitchell Jones - QLD
Zachary Perillo - VIC
William Sherwood - WA
Coach: Sean Wilson
Judge/Manager: Rohan Kennedy

Congratulations to all gymnasts, coaches and official for their selection to represent Australia.
Please see below the athletes who have been named on the National Squads for July 2011 - July 2012:

Senior National Squad:
Naoya Tsukahara QLD
Josh Jefferis QLD
Luke Wiwatowski QLD
Thomas Pichler QLD
Sam Offord SA
Luke Wadsworth VIC
Michael Mercieca NSW
Sean O'Hara SA
Jayden Bull VIC
Sam Simpson QLD
Briece Newton VIC
Prashanth Sellathurai NSW
Elliot Cook WA
Vincent Lam
Philippe Rizzo ACT
Kevin James VIC
Dion Pocklington
Mitchell Morgans

Junior National Squad:
Tyson Bull VIC
Declan Stacey NSW
Mitchell Jones QLD
Scott Costin QLD
Brody-Jai Hennessy QLD
Kent Pieterse VIC
Kristian Wan QLD

GA/Olympic Squad:
Prashanth Sellathura NSW
Naoya Tsukahara QLD
Josh Jefferis QLD
Luke Wiwatowski QLD
Thomas Pichler QLD
Sam Offord SA
Luke Wadsworth VIC
Michael Mercieca NSW
Sean O'Hara SA
Jayden Bull VIC
Sam Simpson QLD
Briece Newton VIC
Philippe Rizzo ACT
Tyson Bull VIC
Brody-Jai Hennessy QLD
Declan Stacey NSW
Kent Pieterse VIC

U16 National Squad:
Robert Thornton QLD
Lachlan Savill QLD
Zachary Perillo VIC
Corey Morton VIC
Christopher Remkes SA
Ben Congedi SA
Clay Stephens SA
James Bacueti ACT
Aden Messori QLD
Trenten Wan QLD
U14 National Squad:
Jackson Clarke QLD
Etienne Rousseau Forward QLD
William Sherwood WA
Justin Tan VIC
Joshua Di Nucci WA
Gabriel Swan NSW
Jack Riek QLD
Yari Marazzato WA
Rourke Jenkins QLD
Christopher Subasic QLD
Darren Fung NSW
Ethan Stethakis NSW
Matthew Richardson WA
Gabe O'Sullivan WA
Sean Forde WA

U12 National Squad:
Finaly Kroon NSW
Christopher Jenkinson QLD
Cassiel Rousseau Forward QLD
Jack Sweeney NSW
Max Mingay NSW
Andrew Sumner WA
Ben Leong NSW
Jack Miller QLD
Alec Traina NSW
Ryan Woodhouse WA
Maikolo Fekitoa NSW
Nathan Brophy WA
Elija Meegan WA
Harrison Jones WA
James Ciupac WA
Julien Horrocks NSW
Samuel Schukin QLD
Alex D'Cruz WA
Morgan Evans QLD
Brodie Chaffey QLD
Curtis Lindeman QLD
Travis Donaldson NSW
Oliver Dilnutt VIC
Whitiora Monaro NSW
Mitchell Repsevicius WA
Indigo Dragon QLD
Alexander Maratos VIC
Philip Koe-leong VIC
Kyle McCartney QLD

(Indigo Dragon!? AWESOME.)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Annus Olympicus

Best wishes to all our gymsporters preparing for London 2012.

You can see the Australian Olympic Team's official site here.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What She Said

Hello, sleepyheaded Tuesdayites.

GA confirms that Lauren Mitchell will appear on Wide World of Sports THIS Sunday.

And some things got said here as well.

"I'd rather have a team full of very good gymnasts than a bad team with one medallist.

"The fact that our team did well (at the World Championships) set Lauren up to win her medal last year, because it is very, very rare if at all that a gymnast comes from a team that isn't strong to get a medal."

And yesterday, GA also announced the following WAG assignments and cohorts:

Junior Commonwealth Games Team:
Alexandra Eade - VIS
Maddi Leydin - VIS
Emma Jane Nedov - Epping YMCA
Coach: Misha Barabach

Japan Junior Team:
Georgia Godwin - MBC
Jasminne Cassis - MBC
Coach: Sasha Belooussov

Open Levels Tour:
Level 9
Christine Bonfadini - VIC
Kenyah Lawler - ACT
Isobel Looker - VIC
Sophie Musgrave - QLD
Jessica Wigglesworth - QLD
Brianna Wong - QLD

Level 10
Natalia Bennison - QLD
Kirsty Bishop - QLD
Claire Black - QLD
Alicia Brown - VIC
Taylor Ryan - QLD
Amy Smit - NSW

Jackie Caldwell
Wendy Gilliver

Congratulations to all gymnasts, coaches and official for their selection to represent Australia.

Please see below the athletes who have been named on the Senior and Junior National Squad for July 2011 - July 2012:

Senior National Squad
Georgie Bonora - WAV/VIS
Ashleigh Brennan - VIS
Georgia Rose Brown - VIS
Sophie Budack - QAS
Nikola Chung - WAIS
Shar-Lee Clark - MBC
Angela Donald - WAV/VIS
Tierra Exum - VIS
Britt Greeley - VIS
Laura Hingston - VHPC
Natalia Joura - QAS
Amaya King Koi - QAS
Emily Little - WAIS
Zoe Lorenzin - VIS
Amelia McGrath - MLC/VIS
Larrissa Miller - QAS
Lauren Mitchell - WAIS
Mary-Anne Monckton - VHPC
Clare O'Donnell - MLC
Svetlana Sanders - VIS
Georgia Simpson - WAIS
Chloe Sims - QAS
Georgia Wheeler - VIS
Katie Wurth - QAS
Crystal Yeo - SA

Junior National Squad
Ebonie Boucher - VHPC
Rachel Boyd - WAV
Jasminne Cassis - MBC
Emily Conran - QAS
Emma Curry - MLC
Alexandra Eade - VIS
Grace Flood - VHPC
Franceska Fusha - WAIS
Georgia Godwin - MBC
Nicole Grout - SA
Tamika Jones - QAS
Ashley Kittl - WAV
Elisha Lai - Epping YMCA
Naomi Lee - WOD
Maddi Leydin - VIS
Celeste Loo - CH
Isis Lowrey - Jets
Kiara Munteanu - VHPC
Emma Jane Nedov - Epping YMCA
Madeleine Nedov - Epping YMCA
Desnee Richter - Epping YMCA
Stella Savvidou - MLC
Aimee Warncok - WOD
Eden Tarvit - WAIS

Please see below gymnasts who have been selected onto the GA/Olympic Squad:

GA/Olympic Squad July - December 2011
Ashleigh Brennan - VIS
Georgia Rose Brown - VIS
Emily Little - WAIS
Larrissa Miller - QAS
Lauren Mitchell - WAIS
Mary-Anne Monckton - VHPC
Chloe Sims - QAS
Jasminne Cassis - MBC
Alexandra Eade - VIS
Georgia Godwin - MBC
Tamika Jones - QAS
Naomi Lee - WOD
Maddi Leydin - VIS
Emma Jane Nedov - Epping YMCA

Congratulations to all gymnasts for their selection on to the National Squads

I ask that you observe and speculate on these outcomes RESPECTFULLY. The Anon function is still in place but I ask you to really think about what you're posting because I do monitor what goes on.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rizzo Regaining Grip

Let this recent Canberra Times feature on Phil Rizzo get you buzzing for his comeback, as well as the (any day now!?) announcement of the 2011 MAG Worlds team.

The team for Japan was expected to be announced either late last night or sometime today.

''It was pretty hard for me just to get motivated for it [the nationals] but I did all right, I think I did enough to be able to be selected for the national squad,'' he said.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wide World Out West?

Just got word National Champion Lauren Mitchell will be featured on Nine's Wide World of Sports this weekend?

Nationals 2011: MAG wrap-up

Unfortunately, nothing much is being said in the media about our men but the senior all-around and apparatus finals have wrapped up, with a mixed bag of results.

Congrats to our 2011 National AA champ Luke Wiwatowski!

Luke was second behind the yet-to-earn-citizenship Japanese dynamo who keeps tongues wagging Naoya Tsukahara, but won by virtue of his, well, residency! Not content with just one gold, he also snagged the national floor title. AA favourite Sam Offord managed second, with Victorian upstart Jayden Bull (rocking a 6.5 high bar SV!) finishing in third.

Olympian Phil Rizzo is still making a comeback, unable to medal on his pet events, while Queensland golden boy Josh Jefferis managed three events in his road to recovery. And look out, world - Prashanth Sellathurai is comin' atcha with a 6.9 pommel SV!

The road to Tokyo is taking some interesting twists!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nationals 2011: WAG Wrap-Up/MAG AA preview

What a weekend!

The women wrapped up their competition in style, with the men still to battle it out for all-around and apparatus titles in Canberra. Rhythmic finals also showed Dani Prince to be a real star of the future and a worthy successor to Commonwealths gold medallist Naazmi Johnston.

Full results can be found at Gymnastics Australia.

There are articles summarising the WAG finals here and here, though a Google News search should whet your appetite!

A feature article on Prashanth Sellathurai is here and one on Michael Merceica is here.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nationals 2011: WAG EF LIVE!

Hello friends!

Special ops agent Brindabella is on the ground in Perth and reporting dutifully!

She says Challenge Stadium is filling up rapidly for the women's apparatus finals. I will be updating this post as she texts in.

We're kicking off with Senior VT and Junior UB.

Spotted as the vault final warmups wrap up - Sims, Monckton, Miller, Brennan, Brown, Greeley so far.

Sims in a black leotard, Mitchell in black with aqua and silver. Brown and Brennan in VWHPC aqua swirl. Eade in VWHPC pink and black flame leo.

Rotation 1:

UB Savidou nice geinger. Hop forward on dismount.

Chloe Sims on sidelines working with Vlad Joura.

VT Miller sits down her second warmup vault.

VT Monckton sticks first vault for 13.700!

VT Sims one step to the side. 13.875

VT Miller 4.8/13.500

UB Savvidou 11.750, McGrath cheering her on from the sidelines

VT Messy warmup for Budack, a near faceplant for Brennan. Hope competition vaults are better for them!

UB Rachel Boyd 3.8/11.325

VT Brennan stuck but landed low.

UB Cassis 11.300

VT Brennan 5.2/13.750

VT Mitchell stuck Baitova! 5.8/9.000!

VT Greeley stuck 5.3/13.975

UB Nedov clips foot on jaeger and almost falls, recovers to stick landing.

UB Naomi Lee 11.225

VT Budack 5.3/14.075


Rotation 2:

UB Miller great bars warmup but legs apart on geinger. Brown flexed feet on geinger.

UB Sims does a Memmel-esque stoop giant now? Stuck dismount. 5.8/14.275

(From Nikki: fantastic routine! Inside stalder - inside stalder - blind change, reverse inside stalder, huge piked jaeger, shoot over h/s, stalder hiccup, stalder full - full in dismount. Nice!)

BB Nedov great routine with a few wobbles, 5.9/14.275

(from Nikki: Emma Jane Nedov on beam - flip - layout to 2 feet solid, switch leap - wolf jump, switch ring, front arial, flip-layout, punch front slight hop, sheep jump, pivot, r/off dbl pike chest low on landing, small hop)

BB Boyd two falls. 4.1/10.300

UB Miller legs apart on geinger, several hesitations. Twice holds handstands for too long, jumps off. re-attempts, stuck dismount.

(From Nikki: inside stalder full - gienger (leg separation), shoot over h/s - stalder hiccup, inside stalder - blind change - jaeger, fall on h/s half turn, stalder full, giant, full in dismount. 13.150)

UB Brown great, save for a few flexed feet and almost bouncing to knees on dismount. 5.3/12.725

(from Nikki: hecht mount, toe on, toe on full, gienger, giant half, jaeger, shoot over (short of h/s), stalder hiccup, toe on blind change, dbl front dismount over rotated.)

BB Godwin 5,5/13.075

UB Greeley 4.5/10.850

(From Nikki: stalder hiccup, clearhip - gienger, clearhip half not made, extra swing half turn, clearhip full turn repeated, over shoot (short of h/s), hiccup extra swing, full in dismount hands down)

UB Budack: Overarches first handstand. Great double layout dismount! A bit close to the bar, feet almost hit. 5.1/12.675

BB Cassis 4.6/13.025

BB Crystal Yeo (from Nikki) Low tkachev, shoot over, stalder hiccup, nice dbl layout dismount slight leg separation

UB Mitchell falls. 5.9/12.750

(from Nikki: hecht mount, toe on half (fall), toe on 1.5 - jaeger (extra swing), shoot over (short of h/s) - stalder hiccup, toe on, toe on blind change, dbl front dismount. 12.75)


BB Lee Solid effort but sits down dismount. 5.4/12.500

(from Nikki: Naomi Lee on beam - Beautiful dbl wolf pivot, front arial, flip - pike sault stuck, front sault, side arial - switch split - back tuck, massive r/off dbl pike over rotated. 12.500)

UB Monckton STICK STICK STICKITTY STICK! Catches all releases nicely and sticks double layout dismount, Brind texts me IN CAPITALS so I thought this update NEEDED CAPITALS!

Monckton 5.8/13.875

(from Nikki: toe on full, piked shushunova, sky high tkachev, toe on, pak, stalder hiccup, blind change, reverse giant, beautiful dbl layout, small step on landing. Great routine! 13.875)

Channel 10 camera team moving to beam, obviously to catch our world champ on one of her best events! And the woman from Today Tonight Perth who did the gymnastics piece this week has just sat down next to Brindy!

Rotation 3:

BB King-Koi falls, 11.125

From Nikki: FX Godwin front full - front dbl (short on twist), dbl tuck, nice switch ring - switch half, dbl twist, dbl pike dismount


BB Joura: Big wobbles. Falls on side aerial. 11.050 . Cheered on by her celebrated big sister in the stands who is sporting "flaming red" hair!

FX Boyd "lovely" (from Brindy) "dbl pike, r/off 1.5 step out r/off back full, front 1.5 twist, nice switch ring - switch split half. Stuck dbl tuck dismount. Finish late to music" (from Nikki). 12.400

BB Monckton (from Nikki) "Beautiful side arial - back layout, front arial, switch half, back sault, switch leap - back pike, full turn leg horizontal, switch ring, r/off dbl pike low chest on landing. Nice routine!" 5.8/14.050

FX Nedov thumbs up from coach after routine. "Dbl tuck, dbl twist, switch ring - switch full, clean r/off 1.5 twist - front sault - stag, lovely dbl pivot, dbl pike dismount chest low on landing but stuck" 12.575

BB Brennan "front arial - switch leap - gainer layout, switch half - back tuck, beautiful split jump - wolf jump, nice side sault, switch ring small wobble, solid flip layout, side arial, side sault, r/off dbl pike dismount, hop on landing" 5.9/14.525

FX Eade goes OOB twice.

BB Brown: Lovely dance and leaps, steps back on double twist dsmount. "Looks upset on the sidelines"? Hope she hasn't hurt herself. 13.250

BB Mitchell: Whole arena hushed for the routine but she falls on first acro series! Wolf turn a double instead of triple. Despite the fall gets 6.5/14.575 so could win anyway.

BB Sims "eyeballs the judges" in the routine! Falls, goes overtime, but stands up her double front dismount.

(from Nikki: "front arial (pause) - side sault, flip - back tuck (fall), front tuck, beautiful leg up pivot, oversplit switch split, switch half, wolf jump - split jump, big step fwd on dbl front dismount. Amazing flexibility in dance elements") 5.6/12.975

Rotation 4:

Only six seniors line up for the floor final. Apparently stag jumps and leaps out of passes really are the done thing in this new code. "Everyone, seriously EVERYONE is doing them!" was the text. Thanks, FIG for instituting lunge deductions. Hope you're happy.

FX Mitchell nice warmup.

VT Savvidou sits down her warmup vault

FX Brennan new routine. "tour jete half, full in (chest low), nice dbl tuck - stag jump, nice leaps, front layout - front full (step to side), nice dbl pike small hop fwd on landing." 5.3/13.050

VT Lee is injured on second vault. Limps off mat. 13.100

FX Greeley "Remember the Name". OOB double arabian and on second pass. 5.0/11.625

Brown seen icing ankles on the sidelines. Has withdrawn from FX final. Hang in there, Georgia!

FX Monckton "Triple twist (slightly short), 2.5 twist - front sault - stag, effortless dbl tuck (step back), dbl pivot leg up - full pivot, low chest on dbl pike dismount" "Great routine!" 5.3/13.35

VT Eade "Dynamic yurchenko half twist, step fwd on landing. 2nd VT - full twisting yurchenko, good landing." 13.725

FX Mitchell "Dbl arabian steps back but good fight to stay on feet, nice piked full in - split jump, switch half, 2.5 twist - punch front, gorgeous switch ring - tour jete, dbl pike dismount knees buckled but hopped fwd and stayed on feet." 5.8/14.000

FX Budack "high dbl tuck, clean dbl twist with small hop back, nice front layout - front full - stag, tour jete, good dbl pike dismount." 4.9/12.750 Brindabella was a big fan of this one and was surprised at this score.

VT Cassis "Jazminne Casis - dynamic full twisting yurchenko with leg form errors. 2nd VT nice layout yurchenko step back on landing."

VT Nedov "1st and 2nd vaults layout yurchenko slight pike in hips, good landings."
Spotted in the stands: Georgia Simpson on crutches.

VT Georgia Godwin - another pocket rocket in our midst? "Attempted dbl twisting yurchenko landing very short on side. Dynamic handspring front pike half 2nd VT. Small hop on landing."

And that's our show, folks! Results are in......

Junior VT: Lee 3, Cassis 2, Eade 1
Junior UB: Boyd 3, Savvidou 2, Nedov 1

Junior BB: Cassis 3, Godwin 2, Nedov 1
Junior FX: Nedov 3, Savvidou 2, Godwin 1

Senior VT: Greeley 3, Budack 2, Mitchell 1
Senior UB: Miller 3, Monckton 2, Sims 1
Senior BB: Monckton 3, Brennan 2, Mitchell 1
Senior FX: Monckton and Brennan (tie) 2, Mitchell 1

Apparently after medals were given out, they played Happy Birthday for Britt Greeley and Peggy handed her some flowers. Teehee. Happy Birthday, Britt!

So that's the WAGs done and dusted, folks. Thanks to all who shared quick-hits and media from the event. You MADE this event, you guys! You rock.

Nationals 2011: MAG TF, Rhythmic AA and... WAG EF LIVE!!!

Congrats to Queensland who won the senior men's team event over in Canberra (any news on injured Josh?)

The Sunshine State has impressed the judges in rhythmic too, with Zoe Ormond and World champs rep Danielle Prince topping the junior and senior AA fields respectively. Thanks to Nichole for keeping me updated here and at Twitter.

In addition to nifty Nikki quick-hitting at Facebook, you'll be glad to know our good friend Brindabella is attending the women's EF tonight and will be keeping me updated on the competition, from leos to landings.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Nationals 2011: WAG AA

No quick hits showed up in my Facebook feed tonight. But results are in:

Lauren Mitchell 1
Georgia-Rose Brown 2
Maryanne Monckton 3

Chloe Sims 4

(interesting to note 2 of the 3 medallists are new Victorians)

Georgia Godwin maintained her #1 ranking from day 1 in juniors, followed by Alex Eade and Emma Nedov.


Although results are in, I'm amending this post to include some of the observations from Angeandbella who was at the event (texting updates AND and recording vids simultaneously!) I have published them pretty much verbatim so feel free to ask if you don't understand an abbreviation.

Day 1-

Bit of a splatfest. Only saw half the comp because I was videoing.

Lauren okay, similar to recent comps, stacked d-pike. Def put lots of passion into her new floor, maybe a bit overdanced?

Britt 1.5 yurch, okay beam w d-turn, pretty good floor w d-arabian.

MAM more expressive on FX, bouncy out of triple. Fell on aerial CW-LOSO on beam, caught releases. Ash looked okay... bit wobbly on beam, fell on FX.

Chloe nailed d-front dismount on beam in w/u, low in comp, same FX tumbles, a bit wild, to face with d-pike.

Larrissa messed up on bars in comp, but hit w/u. GRB looked okay, just d.twist off beam.

Day 2 -

Larrissa is doing d-arabian again.

MAM just did a perfect w/u on beam, down to stuck d-pike.

Britt stuck a really dynamic Y 1.5.

MAM fell on aerial series on beam, but otherwise solid.

Lauren UB much better tonight.

GRB large wobble on Y-turn and slow connections on beam.

Larrissa good d-arabian (1 step out), but 1 hand down on front LO-front double twist and final 2.5.

Britt fall double turn and FF-LOSO.

Chloe large step punch double tuck front, deep squat d-arabian, fell out of turn, fell back OOB on d-pike.

BB Ash fall side aerial.

GRB v.high on d-pike, pretty clean FX.

Loz okay beam, usual wobbles.

Ash bit low FTDB (I assume this means the tucked full-in?), short on turn, perfect d-pike to sissone.

Mez bouncy on triple twist, made 2.5 punch front-stag, good dance, turns and leaps, high d-tuck and pike.

Chloe hit bars, inbar, inbar 1/2, inbar endo (hit feet going through), v.high jaeger. Bail to HS, stalder shoot to high. Stalder full to FTDB w large step.

Loz fall d-arabian, only slightly short though. Piked full-in to sissone. 2.5 punch front tuck changement. Bit short d-pike. Routine is growing on me slightly!

Jaz Cassis and Godwin both hit FF-FF to 2-2 foot LO. Jaz fell on LOSO, only LO d-mount tonight, but nice. Godwin double wolf. Fall aerial CW. stumble forward d.tuck.

Larrissa inbar full to gienger, bail to HS stalder shoot to high. Inbar 1/2 not over and fell. Repeated and connected to jaeger. Stalder full, FTDB stuck.

Alex had 2 goes at beam mount, nice combo d-mount 2 FF to d-pike.

Loz good vault, one step forward.

Ash simple bars, stalder, Tkatchev. Bail to HS. D-tuck.

Godwin front full rudi to open.

Mez toe-on full to piked Shush, nice! Clear hip, Tkatchev. Toe on, Pak with flex feet. DLO, almost stuck.

GRB short cast, toe on, toe on full, gienger. Jaeger. Bail HS (little short), stalder shoot. Toe half to d-front, small hop.

Larrissa no acro series on beam, missed all connections hand down on 2.5 d-mount.

Chloe weird hitch in mount, made front aerial side somi, fall on FF back tuck. Front somi. Y-turn. Change split, tour jete, wolf. Long pause bf d.mount, coyboy d-front, 1 step back, went overtime.

What I love about gymnastics personally is that a layperson would look at this and go "huh?" but I understood every word! :)

Good luck to the senior and junior men who kick off tonight in Canberra.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nationals 2011: WAG TF

Unfortunately, I didn't have a source on the ground tonight but GA elves were dutifully keeping us updated at Facebook.

A hearty congratulations to Victoria, who have taken top honours in the junior and senior team events.

Chloe Sims showed she's not to be counted out just yet, seemingly showing up her Queensland compatriate Larrissa Miller on bars (this could get awkward!) and rocking double fronts like they're singles.

Lauren Mitchell debuted her new floor routine on home soil, albeit with some opening night nerves. Wonder what the audience made of it...

I am particularly interested to see Miller's beam, as it gained a very positive review from the quickhitters. And I'm excited Mez Monckton seemed to do so well on bars!

Stay tuned for media morsels!

ETA: Houston, we have media morsels!

Lauren leads the senior AA standings after day one, with Georgia-Rose Brown in second and Chloe Sims nipping at their toes in third. Another Georgia is impressing the judges, with Queenslander Georgia Godwin leading junior standings, flanked by jetsetters Alex Eade and Emma Nedov.

Thanks to Gemeanie for vids from the venue. Chloe's floor is great.

IG has a wrap-up with scores and highlighted routines from Gemeanie's channel here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nationals 2011: Go West

This is a short media round-up for the women's national championships; if you see anything on the men's or rhythmics PLEASE let me know!

GA results page for competition rounds out of Perth so far is here. There are some great updates coming via Facebook throughout the day. I hear Queensland have been fighting off all comers in just about every national levels division!

There is a West Australian article on the home soil seniors here, and I am told by a number of fans who watched that the Today Tonight feature on WAIS was fantastic, above and beyond what we've seen from current affairs pieces of the past focusing on our sport. Of particular note? Lauren Mitchell training a Patterson dismount off beam!

Speaking of Lauren, here is a new article from PerthNow with a lovely smiley pic of Lauren as she prepares to take on the best in the country.

ETA: A factsheet (transcript?) from the second night of the Today Tonight feature can be found here!

Monday, July 11, 2011

NATIONALS 2011: It's Kicking Off!

Who's excited? I'm excited!

WAG workplan can be found here.

I can't seem to find a full MAG workplan? Once I do I will amend this post.

Official event webbies are here and here.

Gymnastics Australia and the affiliated state associations should have updates throughout the competitions on Facebook; I believe they have started pages for both events so don't forget to "Like" them to keep up with the news!

(kudos to Bondsboi for collating so many pre-event resources over at GGMB)

I will bring you info as I receive it from sources on the ground.

Not A Shonky Builder in Sight

Thanks to the Anon for the heads-up and then GA for confirming:

The WAIS program will be having a large story covered on Channel 7's Today Tonight on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th July, 2011.

This will be viewed on Perth's program and follow the intense training that all gymnasts go through in the WAIS program and what it takes to become a World Champion like Lauren Mitchell.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anything Goes

It is extremely interesting to watch the dynamics among the senior programs at the moment.

Women's national coach Peggy Liddick has spoken to International Gymnast magazine over the exciting and enigmatic return of Queensland's Chloe Sims, as our Japan Cup delegation starts to head home.

GA are talking up the MAG national championships, which are just around the corner in Canberra. After the 2010 Pacific Rim event introduced us to some new faces, Nationals 2011 will see seasoned veterans face off against the new generation, and I have to say we seem have more depth than ever before on each apparatus!

Who's ironing their excited trousers??? I know I am!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 Japan Cup


You can find some pre-competition media from Tokyo at Facebook or view the official event website here.

The Victorian Women's High Performance Centre have put up some great photos onto Facebook of the Aussie girls in and out of the training gym. Check it out!

I'll update anything as it comes to hand (if I'm near my phone or pc). WWGym and GGMB have updates and media coming thick and fast so it doesn't hurt to keep your eyes on those two as well.

If you'd like to view (or try and view!) a stream of the event, Ono No Komachi from WWGym suggests:

1) Download Keyhole TV

2) Look for the characters for Fuji TV フジテレビ


Day 1: Australia finished 4th with 152.950 in the team competition, and scores went thusly:

Vault: Maryanne 12.100, Larrissa 13.200, Lauren 13.700
Bars: Georgia-Rose 11.150, Larrissa 13.700, Lauren 13.950
Beam: Maryanne 11.400, Ash 11.650, Lauren 13.750
Floor: Ash 11.850, Maryanne 12.650, Lauren 13.850

Day 2: Lauren Mitchell and Maryanne Monckton finished 4th and 5th respectively in the women's all around final. Both put in commendable performances, improving on their scores from the team event. Lauren had the top beam score of the day, outscoring 10 other competitors with a 14.150!

Here is Lauren's new floor routine! (Many thanks to Tenshiguy78 for taking the time to capture and upload from the stream)