Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Greetings comrades on this, Wednesday the something-or-other of May.

You may be wondering why The Australian Gymnastics Blog has been sketchy with updates and live coverage of late. There are a number of contributing factors which I will explain forthwith, and in return ask that you be patient as I attempt to resume regularly scheduled programming.

*shuffles papers*

1. As of January this year, I have undertaken a major career change. As of this week it is set in stone. Simultaneously exciting and terrifying for all involved. It has meant a significant change to my free hours during the day, and frequent devotion to new training materials outside of work hours. It is a gigantic learning curve but I am enjoying it so far. In fact, I kind of have the strength of this blog (if you'll excuse me saying so) for helping me get the job in the first place.

2. My family is celebrating a SECOND wedding in as many years. My beloved big brother had a happy occasion last year, and this week my beloved big sister called from overseas to announce some exciting news of her own. So planning and arrangements and diarising has thrown us into chaos a little!

3. I spent March-April making the transition from one room in our house to a detached room out the back. I had a lot of waiting to do, as the MezMaison got painted and re-floored. And then in addition to shifting furniture and clothes in instalments, and buying (then putting together!) an adequate bed, I had to do a big cull of a lot of precious things (many of them gym related) and take certain things to op-shops... basically reassessing everything I owned and semi-hoarded up until the age of 24. It wasn't easy!

4. I ceased my internet contract with Optus and have spent some time searching for a better provider. I have in the meantime been doing a lot of correspondence from my phone.

So turn that frown upside-down. AGB is still around and will resume frequent updates shortly. I definitely plan to be on the ball come Nationals. I certainly don't plan on abandoning my baby!

I have had a hectic last six months, and 2011 shows no sign of slowing down, in Mez world and in gymnastics world. I appreciate everyone who has got in touch regarding news and media pieces. They have not gone unnoticed! Please stick around and rest assured AGB will be back to its old self in no time.

I wanted to do all this as a vlog but... yeah... see point 4.

If you'd like to find out more information about what's in store at AGB (namely - me writing heaps of good brainthinky stuff 'n' that) or highlight an issue you think needs discussing, you can always drop me a line at

The future is bright. The future is AGB.


Friday, May 6, 2011


Just tuned in to catch day 2 of Cottbus WC on Fox Sports. Women's floor is underway, watch out for Ashleigh Brennan!