Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank Blog It's Friday

A nice note on which to end your week - Nade's latest montage.

Excellent choice of song, may I say! It's one of my favourites - I love listening to Bernard Fanning and Missy Higgins' acoustic version.

(montage is best watched in High Quality)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

(B)Ambi To Greener Pastures?

So what's currently going at the Queensland Academy of Sport? Nobody seems to have the foggiest, really, except that it appears the program has just lost its brightest star.

Amber Fulljames
has reputedly left QAS and started training at Brisbane's other WAG powerhouse, Moreton Bay College, under Chloe Sims' former coaches, Sasha and Olga Beloousov.

She is said to be doing light training only, which would seem to indicate that the reports of her being injured were in fact correct.

Good luck, Amber, if this is what you feel is best for you!

"A-scuse me, coachlady and greenlady. I gotsa go make a big exit now."

Happy Birthday To...

Trudy McIntosh who turns 25 today!

(That's her on the right)

Levels News

Some of you out there might be interested to know that the difficulty for National Levels 7-9 has been capped, providing more of an incentive for the gymnasts to keep moving up.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heard on the Squad Grapevine

The AIS/Gymnastics Australia Olympic squad listed as per yesterday's post consists of the eight WAGs who will attend training camp at GA's expense (i.e. who will have all their necessary expenses covered). They have been deemed the only fit seniors and 'almost-seniors' GA currently have. However, as several here have suggested, there will be visiting athletes and they will be welcome to try out for the World Championship team.

It is believed that six other experienced members of the WAG program have been invited to attend camp on the proviso that they themselves or their clubs/training centres pay their way.

Speaking of squad members, Her Greeleyness appeared in the student newspaper S-Press this week. Not the best photo but *shrug* what can you do, eh...

You Can't Spell 'Australia' without a 'U', 'S' or 'A'

Interesting find at the recent CoverGirl Classic in the USA.

This is Kayla Ross from GymMax:

Robin at the WWGym forum appropriately captioned it, "Gymnastics Australia called... they want their leotard back!"

Think it could work on the Aussie lineup?

Monday, July 27, 2009

2009-10 Squads

WAG squads announced, as per GA.

National Squad (full list):

Senior National Squad:


Junior National Squad:


AIS/GA Olympic Squad:


You can also see Britt-Britt and Lauren featured in IG's smashing Japan Cup photo gallery here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

LOL With the Punches (Pre-/Post-Nats Edition)

(Most of the following photos come courtesy of Nade, because the quality is so ace).

(additional thanks to ChaChaKid and GA)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday To...

Our 2009 senior national women's all-around champion, LAUREN MITCHELL!

Lauren turns 18 today and I hope she has a smashing time of it. It has been a joy watching her mature as a gymnast, develop as a valued team member and flourish as an innovative individual performer. Enjoy it, Lauren, your fans are very proud.

(I profusely thank the Anon in the previous post who reminded me)

Hi, Definition!

Would you like to see Lauren Mitchell's national championship-winning floor routine in high definition? In such detail that you can clearly see just about every person in the background watching intently (including some fellow competitors)? And you can even identify who they are (I spy Peggy and Liz C having a chat)?

You can, right here.

(Dasha can be heard saying "Nice one, Loz!" at 0:47)

Thanks to ChaChaKid, who has also managed to capture some megawatt smiles from Lauren.

Monday, July 20, 2009

She Did a What In The Where Now?

International Gymnast, covering the Japan Cup, wrote:
New Australian national champion Lauren Mitchell fell off from the beam on a flip flop, flip flop, layout full. On Saturday, it was obvious after her second flip flop she would fall. On Sunday the direction was a bit better on the skill, but it was still off, and it led her to fall again at the same point. However, she showed a good floor exercise and received applause from the audience.

Could this be for real? Or could it just be typo and they meant... well, something other than "full"? Mind you, confusing 'layout full twist' with 'layout to two feet' is a big stretch.

She didn't attempt this particular skill at Nats, and we know she had problems with just a normal ff-ff-layout series so I am surprised she'll have pulled it out here. Particularly with all the twisting trouble we've heard she had after her injury and what it's taken to get a new beam repertoire happening. I am intrigued by this apparent new development.

Would love for a WA insider to confirm.

Meanwhile... photos!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Japan Cup AA Videos

Many thanks to daniTS at the forum.

Britt Vault

Lauren Floor (love the crowd enthusiasm)
Britt Floor

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Japan Cup

Our WAGS had podium training yesterday. The event website has a photo gallery of the session up in which, thus far, only Britt is featured. There is a work order up but as of this moment there is nothing listed on it.

Sometime later: Oh. Turns out the team event has already taken place. My bad!

The girls placed 4th out of 4 but they seem to have done a decent job considering it certainly wasn't an A team. Lauren disappointingly only got 13.800 on beam but she got the highest floor score with 14.5. She also got 14.1 on VT and 13.8 on bars... Larrissa got 14.1 on bars, nice job! Britt got 13.6 on beam and 13.4 on floor but only 11.85 on bars.

This is from the event website:

Russia and Australia started the competition on vault and uneven bars respectively. Russia had three strong vaulter; all of them did double twisting Yurchenko. Australia had a mistake by Greely (having a underrotation after free hip circle with half turn). The second half of the first rotation saw China and Japan on vault and uneven bars respectively. China had two double twisting Yurchenko's with better execution than that of Russians. Japan did clean routines without any mistakes and easily went ahead of Australia.

Australia had to count Mitchell's fall on beam in the second rotation. Mitchell, who won this event World Cup Final in Madrid last year but lost her control after layout back somersault.

Australia's highlight on floor was Mitchell, who did a very high piked full-in and got over 14.

Lauren and Britt are both through to the AA final. Good luck, girls!


Lauren 5th AA, Britt 8th (of 8).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sims Talks Exclusively to IG

International Gymnast has an interesting interview with Chloe Sims as she talks about her return to competitive gymnastics.

"I do not wish any of the future gymnasts to have to compete not only with other athletes but also the unnecessary politics within the sport," she told IG. "It can ruin so many dreams and waste so much potential for Australia to become an even stronger competitor in the world. On a more positive note, I am starting university next week, studying business and majoring in management. I hope to one day open a tattoo and piercing studio in Australia."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009 Nationals VIDEOS!

Muchos gracias a Nade and ChaChaKid.

Check out Lauren's EF floor and AA beam! Oy moy GOURD.

(I forgot to add, July 14th was AGB's 1.5 birthday! 18 months in operation, huzzah! *has a cupcake*)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Than Four Headed to London!

P-Liddy will not just be taking a posse of four to London, oh no.

From The West online:

Australian national coach Peggy Liddick will take a junior shadow squad to Europe for the world championships in October as part of her plans to break into the elite group of top gymnastics nations at the 2012 Olympics.


[T]he American-born coach is also focused on Australia’s long-term goal. She will take several juniors to view the world championships and compete in two international events. One certainty for the trip is WA’s two-time national junior champion Emily Little, who won the junior floor final last night.

“Right now she just needs to improve her confidence levels. She’s got the skills,” Liddick said. “She has shown she’s improving in this environment. So it’s all ready to go. She just needs to clean it up.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

2009 Nationals: Final Round-Up

Until we get videos.

P-Liddy is pretty happy with last night's results.

GA has a couple of photos up from the team event.

The Wynnum Herald has a short photo gallery from the Men's and Rhythmic competition in Brisbane.

I apologise for not having covered women's IDP10.

The Victorian team, comprising MLC and HPC girls, topped NSW for the team title. Nikola Chung of WA won the all-around, MLC star Amelia McGrath took second and NSW's Emma Jane Nedov took third. Apparatus titles were split between the AA medallists, with Chung winning vault and bars, Nedov taking top honours on beam and 'Milly' winning out on floor.

More photos and videos to come, hope you've enjoyed the show. I cannot thank Nade, ChaChaKid and Brindabella enough for their efforts inside and out of the arena. The blog couldn't have run at its best this week without their efforts.

Congratulations, of course, to all the winners and grinners at this year's national championships!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Apparatus Finals LIVE!!!

This is it, folks.

The last day of nationals and the last day of the first big test for Worlds candidates.

Warm-ups are underway so let's not delay!


LeoWatch: WA = black and silver. Waverleys (ShoMo, Collisters^2)= blue, white, red club leotard. Natasha Hamman = Black, purple orange, deemed very nice. Britt G = Blue and white "shiny to the max". Fiona Coley in pink and purple "monstrosity".

Warm ups: Lauren "killing" all tumbles on floor, "looks awesome!".

Georgia-Rose Brown sitting down all hers.

Dasha spotted in the stands alongside sister Natalia.

Crowd asked to get up and boogie to a song. *sigh* I know, right? Doesn't work. Thank goodness they had the ever-awesome (and recently married!) Stacey Umeh there to set an example. Go Stacey, Go Stacey, It's Your Birthday... etc. I have been promised video evidence.

Rotation 1- Seniors vault, juniors bars

Shona vault average: 13.712.

Annaleise Varga gets a 6-something (owch).

Emily Little bars 12.125.
Tierra Exum bars 11.150.
Emma Collister bars 12.375.

An additional note to LeoWatch: MLC girls in pretty black with sparkles a la Pavlova in Beijing floor final. Unfortunately these get covered up by the very un-Pavlovaesque velour trackies.

Rotation 2 - Seniors bars, juniors beam

Fiona Coley bars 12.450
Britt bars 12.950
Larissa Miller bars 13.6
Lauren bars 14.25

Emily Little falls on front aerial. Scores 12.225.

Rotation 3 - Seniors beam, juniors floor

Fiona Coley beam 11.625
Natasha Hamman beam 11.250
Annaleise Varga beam 13

Britt sat down her dismount. 12.750.

Lauren fell on her back layout and put her hands down on the dismount. 13.150

Floor placings:
1st emily little 13.25
2nd georgia wheeler 13?
3rd georgia rose brown 12.725

Rotation 4 - Seniors floor, juniors vault

"Dasha gave lauren a big thumbs up before she went on floor and it must've helped because the performance was flawless! Stayed in bounds the entire time and nailed every skill. Biggest cheer from the crowd of the night!"

It transpires that Shona did not compete any event except for vault. Fiona also did not compete floor. My Perth people are losing their MINDS over the awesomeness of Lauren's floor.

Floor standings:
1st Lauren 14.725
2nd Britt 12.8
3rd Natasha Hamman 12.050
4th Annaleise Varga 11.825

(Comp isn't even over and apparently a queue of little girls has already formed in the stands, all wanting Dasha's autograph. Oh, the perils of being famous...)

Emma Collister vault 13.625. Nice!

The queue is now surely 70-strong. Poor Dash, they should've given her a card table and paid her by the hour... besides, will HER cast get any signatures on it?

"Poor Natalia was sitting next to Dasha but was finally kicked out when one mother wanted her daughter's photo taken with Dasha. I just wanna give Natalia a big hug!"

Srsly? Did she not know whose presence she was in? What a cow.

I want to start up a SAVE NATALIA JOURA FUND where she can be supported, recognised and sheltered from unhelpful coaches and bossy gym mothers!

Full scores and standings are now up at GA. There also appears to be one random shot of Fiona Coley (click on 'event photos' at the bottom of the results page).

***Senior Results***

ShoMo wins vault!
Lauren wins bars!
And beam!
And floor!

***Junior Results***

Emma Collister wins vault (with her sister in second)!
Ashley Cooney wins bars!
Georgia-Rose Lilac Aqua Orange Magenta Brown wins beam!
Amd Emily Little redeems herself with a floor win!

2009 Nationals: AA Post Mortem

GA article with quotes from Lauren is here.

The West has a short piece on Emily and Lauren here.

VicGym's blog has a brief look at what it was like to be an athlete at the event.

Photo of our junior national champ and mini-ginger ninja Emma Collister (she of the double arabian) with Georgia Wheeler on the medal podium:

Sister Rachel wore the Waverley club leotard and was thrilled for her sister to win.

The WAIS coaching team again won Coaching Team of the Year (clearly with strawberry and moondust hug tactics). Emily Little lightened the mood - hers, as well as the audience's - by straightening up Vlad Joura's tracksuit collar when it was time for a group photo. Cute.

Gracious in defeat. But you still wanna hug her and tell her it's all okay.

"Pull My Finger" joke: Neeever gets old.

2009 Nationals: Photo of the Day 2

From, who else, Nade. Innit lovely?:

(Wait... she didn't get a fancy-arse crystal punchbowl/vase/esky/rubbish bin/bedpan/birdbath/umbrella stand/sock basket/candle holder/wine bucket/foot spa/urn/keg thing like Dasha? What a crock!!!)

...on second thoughts, I retract that. You can see the flowers in it. Duh.

Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Senior All-Around 2

Scores and standings:

Junior - All Around Results
1 Emma Collister Jnr VIC 26.850 25.150 24.400 25.125 101.525
2 Georgia Wheeler Jnr VIC 27.275 25.000 24.625 24.550 101.450
3 Emily Little Jnr WA 27.175 21.825 25.400 25.575 99.975
4 Rachel Collister Jnr VIC 26.075 24.050 23.150 25.050 98.325
5 Tierra Exum Jnr VIC 26.100 22.400 25.325 23.375 97.200
6 Georgia-Rose Brown Jnr QLD 26.550 22.775 23.625 23.850 96.800
7 Sophie Budack Jnr NT 26.775 19.375 24.525 24.850 95.525
8 Alexandra Byers-Armstrong Jnr VIC 25.700 19.050 22.500 23.575 90.825
9 Amaya King Koi Jnr QLD 24.350 16.000 21.850 22.050 84.250
10 Ashley Cooney Jnr WA 0.000 24.650 0.000 0.000 24.650
11 Mary-Anne Monckton Jnr NSW 0.000 20.275 0.000 0.000 20.275

Senior - All Around Results
1 Lauren Mitchell Snr WA 28.700 27.400 29.150 27.075 112.325
2 Shona Morgan Snr VIC 27.975 26.350 28.675 24.800 107.800
3 Britt Greeley Snr VIC 27.875 24.175 26.775 25.850 104.675
4 Fiona Coley Snr VIC 26.875 22.875 24.750 22.025 96.525
5 Annaleise Varga Snr VIC 26.175 19.875 24.850 23.600 94.500
6 Natasha Hammann Snr SA 26.525 20.575 22.000 23.275 92.375
7 Larrissa Miller Snr QLD 13.475 27.850 9.675 11.775 62.775
8 Crystal Yeo Snr SA 20.625 10.800 11.975 9.625 53.025

According to The Indefatigable Good Ship Sparkle Sunshine website, Shona has been battling a head cold.

Gymnastics WA have been quick to congratulate their new national champ.

(Adorable moments courtesy of Nade)

They made the following note -

After an unsteady warmup on the balance beam Mitchell looked distressed but some reassuring words from coach, Martine George, saw Lauren's confidence return to produce the routine of the championships so far. With a score of 15.375 Lauren showed why she is a World Champion on this apparatus.

Is there anything Martine CAN'T do?

I bet her hugs smell like strawberries and moondust...

2009 Nationals: WAG Senior All-Around LIVE!!!

Are you niblets excited or WHAT???

Videos will eventually be up at this or this YouTube channel so check back from Wednesday where you can.

My Perth sources have already got the ball rolling with some in-venue gossip so let's get crack-a-lacking on another big night of women's gymnastics!


Spotted: P-Liddy talking at length to Shona after her beam warm-up. No frowns but no smiles either.

Collister twins wearing different leos (clearly so they can't try a Parent Trap-esque ploy to switch places and trade routines). Still... it'd be cool if they tried.

Shona stumbled on her bars dismount and eventually sat it down. Scored 12.925. Showed a competent vault, as did Lauren.

Lauren managed a good bar routine, including a stuck dismount. 13.575.

Emily Little fell on beam, scored a 10.7 on bars (poor form plus a fall).

Mary-Anne having bars trouble again.

That said, apparently all is much improved from last night!

Britt 12.5 bars. Sat down beam dismount.

Emily good floor routine, 13.225

After three rotations: Britt 3, Shona 2, Lauren 1.

Britt both feet OOB on floor, otherwise a good routine.

Shona 12.450 on floor, Lauren went OOB three times(!).

Competition is now over.

Could Shona steal it from Lauren in the last rotation!?!?

The answer, it turns out, is 'no'.

Congratulations Lauren Mitchell, our new Senior National Champion!

Shona 2, Britt 3.

A photo of the podium has been forwarded to my phone but I can't seem to load it. :(

2009 Nationals: Photo of the Day

2009 Nationals: WAG Team Final 2

Apparently last night's team final proved so disappointing, a collective unspoken "ooohhh...kaaaaay?" was detected from audience members.

GA takes a lighter look at the event here. IG also has an article this morning but I can't access it right now, grrrr.

P-Liddy says:

“Lauren is about 85%. She’s not 100% fit yet and it was the first time she has done that brand new, fully loaded, jam packed routine.
“She’s been out for six months and hasn’t been able to twist with that rib injury so all that considered, I’m happy where she’s at.
“The element she fell on she can do that in her sleep. It was just a miscalculation.

“Potential wise it’s a world championships winning performance and that’s what we’re going for.
“A national title would be nice but we’re taking that extra risk because we’re going for a medal. Were going for world champion now.
“If she can hit that routine, at a 7.2 that would be the highest start value that’s been performed this year. We’re going all guns a-blazing.”

My Perth peeps, however, had repeatedly used the words "splatfest" and "let-down" in their summaries to me. Mind you, one of those was not a seasoned competition attendee. Here are some notes from Nade -

Lauren looked OK, but below her Beijing form for sure. One cool thing she did was double arabian-immediate stag jump(!!!). She did pike full in (OOB), her double arabian pass, 2.5+tuck front (watering down) and double pike. She is not doing a squat turn on the floor rather than a triple turn. On beam did did ff-ff-layout which was ok. She has added a switch leap half. She seemed to lack concentration, she didn't hit her squat turn at all and sort of stood up in a daze and nearly fell off in the process. She also fell on her front aerial as mentioned, and nearly on her dismount as well. She also has a pike front in the routine now.

Shona was also below Beijing form. She vaulted a yurchenko 1/2 on front tuck 1/2 off, oddly. I dunno, maybe she is training a half-on tucked rudi off? It seemed a weird choice. I did see her do a Yfull in warmups though. She nearly fell on floor and her score was in the 12s. She did full-in tuck, 2.5+front tuck 1/2, a double twist and then double pike. She was reliable but not spectacular on beam as usual. She did not do the shaposhnikova on bars, instead she brought back the piked jaeger which she had omitted at Vics.

Georgia-Rose Brown is a gorgeous gymnast but fell about 6 times across 4 events.
Larrissa Miller has beautiful form and lines. She hit her bars for 14.025 but fell on both floor and beam multiple times.

Mary-Anne, who I was thrilled to see, only did bars, and only a few skills at that. She had a markelov and a tkatchev but didn't seem to have a transition to the low bar because she just got off and did a glide kip. Double pike dismount.

Emily Little had some decent skills (1.5ty, full-in on floor) etc, but she was laboured in a lot of her work. Her new floor is better but still not as good as those of her WAIS counterparts. Her bars reminded me a lot of Melanie Jones at nationals last year, she had to muscle nearly everything, had a scrappy gienger, and lacked the strength and momentum to make it over the bar on some of her giants. Basically she was efficient but lacked flair and personal style.

Victoria was the only state with a team in both junior and senior (which was really unfortunate considering the multiple teams last year) so they won both by default and the team competition was a little worthless.

Oh dear. Hope things are better for Day 2! Can't imagine how our head coach is feeling, or what she wants to say to all of our coaches!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Team Final LIVE!!!


Folks, one of my Perth sources is texting from inside Challenge Stadium like there's no tomorrow, so I will try and keep you updated as the WAG Senior and Junior Team competition goes throughout the evening. Stay tuned!
(ps- I've surpassed 60,000 views since the traffic counter was added nearly 6 months ago!)


AnkleStrapping!Watch: Shona Morgan, Mary-Anne Monckton (heavy strapping)

Warm up: ShoMo showing good form on beam, Britt "not so much".

Hollie Dykes working with AIS team. Assistant mentor role a la Dasha? (Dasha was spotted earlier today in the arena, on crutches with a big cast on.)

(Those of you who are members of WWGym, ChaChaKid and Nade are at the venue, too, so some updates are coming from them, thanks guys)

Lauren now has a back layout in her beam routine (I assume BHS BHS layout, as she already had a BHS layout sequence?) but unfortunately fell on her front aerial that was meant to be connected to her front tuck.

"Olivia Vivian is in the crowd (having a bop along to Mambo #5 apparently!). Shona got a 14.575 on beam but i wasn't watching! Lauren went oob twice on floor but still got a 13.575 - she changed some things around in the routine but i'm not quite sure on that so hopefully nade can elaborate."

Also spotted in crowd: Tain, Jade, Natalia, Kayleigh.

Shona's beam score is the highest so far.

Victorians having trouble on bars. Ditto Emily Little and Mez Monckton.

(C'mon Little Mezzie! Do it for Big Mezzie!)

Aaaaaaaaaand bit of a gap here but VICTORIA WINS BOTH SENIOR AND JUNIOR TEAM TITLES!

More detail to come tomorrow, I suspect. I'm two hours in front of my correspondents and needing a sleep on the strength of it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Senior (Preview 2)

P-Liddy speaks about the settling of the Beijing dust and her expectations for the new dawn.

Or something.

Read it here.

(Probably not the nicest accompanying photo in the world...)

Meanwhile, according to, Lauren Mitchell says:

“I just going to go in and perform my routines and get more experience because that’s my no.1 aim, to get more experience... these are relatively new routines that I’m going to be performing, so just getting experience [will be the focus].

“I’ve added more difficulty to my beam routine and my floor routine. My vault’s the same and I’ve changed a couple of skills in my bar routine as well.”

Also, if you're a fan, you can follow the daily progress - with photos, no less! - of The Indefatigable Good Ship Sparkle Sunshine.

2009 Nationals: WAG National 10

Wow. Welcome back into the fold, Chloe Sims!

"AA 1. Chloe Sims 128.074, 2 Emma Longmuir, 3. Alicia Brown.

WA's Nicole Smith won Gold on floor, Chloe won Bars and Silver on Beam and Floor.
Emma Longmuir won Beam and Vault, silver on Bars and bronze on Floor. Other Apparatus Medal winners were Alicia Brown (Bronze Vault and Beam), Kirsty Bishop (Silver Vault, Sarah Iwanoczko (Bronze Bars)and Alicia Brown (Bronze Vault and Beam)."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nat Haps

That's "Nationals Happenings" for all you txt-spkrs out there.

Here is some information from my Perth source:

Victoria won the Level 9 Team event with a score of 231.325 from QLD on 229.1. NSW were bronze with 213.375.

We had some drama during general warm up for the last session. The fire alarm went off. I explained to the concerned looking out of towners that it was most likely a false alarm (it goes off fairly regularly), and not to evacuate unless the alarm moved to the next stage (which is a verbal instruction to evacuate). We are so used to it that no one so much as stopped what they were doing, the girls in the WAIS gym continued training. Of course about 2 minutes later it turned out to be a real evacuation! False alarm as it turns out but we all moved out anyway and waited for the fire engines and the all clear.

I wasn’t in the gym at the time but I heard there was a gymnast in the middle of her vault when the alarm went off who hurt herself. I don’t know who it was but I didn’t hear any more later.

There were a lot of sore looking gymnasts, lots of bandages and a possible broken toe, but nothing else that I heard.

Rachel Figgis (Waverley National 9) got a 15.15 on floor.

I had a feeling those unflappable Waverley 9 girls would help Victoria in the standings...

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, apparatus specialists Philippe Rizzo and Prashanth Sellathurai had less-than-stellar routines in event finals. Rizzo conceded high bar victory(!) to all-around champ Sam Offord and settled for bronze, but Sellathurai scored high enough on pommel, despite a fall, to hang onto gold.

Offord also won gold on vault, Sam Simpson won floor, Sellathurai was the only other double gold medallist with a rings win, and veteran Rizzo notched a first place finish on his other pet event, the parallel bars.

Offord is featured in a news article here.

Nazmi is featured in a news article here. Nice photo from Beijing included.

Some WAG National Levels photos can be seen here.
(Photos of Victorians can be seen here and here)

BTYC MAG Luke Tomsett is profiled in this week's Melbourne Weekly Eastern magazine.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Nationals: Rhythmic Senior

Congratulations to Olympian and reigning rhythmic national all-around champion Naazmi Johnston, who has successfully defended her Australian championship crown in 2009.

In front of a home state crowd, Naazmi convincingly defeated second place-getter Chloe Hayes of WA by nearly 18 points, with an impressive 92.550. Danielle Prince gave the Brisbane crowd something additional to cheer about, taking the all-around bronze behind her well-travelled fellow Queenslander.

In WAG news, Chloe Sims' QLD National 10 team trumped the ACT and Victoria for top honours.

(Unfortunately you can't see her in this photo. Apparently she hit a good bars routine after having a disasterous warmup, and fell once off beam)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Senior (Preview)

Big thanks to Brindabella for providing a scan of a news article featuring women's all-around contender Lauren Mitchell:

(See a larger version here)

Gymnastics Victoria has photos up of its WAG National Levels teams arriving at Challenge Stadium.

Keep your news and views coming, because sharing is caring and Perth is a helluva long way from Melbourne!

2009 Nationals: MAG Senior

Congratulations to South Australia's Sam Offord who has bested Olympic representative Sam Simpson to the men's national all-around title. This is Offord's second national all-around title. Luke Wiwatowski rounded out the top three.

You can read more about the competition here and read much of the same information here at IG (includes more detailed results list).

“Men’s gymnastics is looking really good at the moment. If we can get rid of the few injuries some of the boys have, we will have the same team with four extra years of experience for London.

“It really hurt missing out (on team qualification for the Beijing Olympics) last year, so it would be even sweeter to qualify a team for the London Olympics.”

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Men Men Men Men Manly Men Men Men...

Let's hear it for the boys! Men's Nationals kick off in Brisneyland this week (seniors take to the floor today), and so has the surrounding media.

Read an IG Interview with Queensland's own Josh Jefferis here.

Gymnastics Australia also have their own preview of the event here.

Sam Simpson scored a profile piece here.

You can also read an adorable interview with two aspiring Level 6 stars here.

"My goal is, when you compete in level 10 at my gym, you get your photo taken and you get put up on a big poster on the wall, and I’d like to get that."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vics Vids

Long time coming, I know.

Progress has been coming along very slowly in terms of uploading, and as you all know I was busy juggling a notepad and camera-phone at the event so there aren't as many videos as I would have liked. Bars was too far away to film so that ruled that out. But I got what I could without my phone exploding under the pressure.

So without further ado... here are my little contributions:

Shona's day 1 vault is here.
Footage of Shona and Georgia warming up for beam is here.
Georgia's day 1 beam is here.
Shona's day 1 beam is here.
Amber's day 1 floor is here.
Shona's day 1 floor is still to come.
Britt's day 1 beam is still to come.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


According to GA, our beloved SmallFreckly Amber Fulljames is pulling out of the national championships, as well as the Japan Team Cup after it. She is most likely going to be replaced in the latter by comeback kid Fiona Coley.

(B)Ambi's absence means Larissa Miller will be the only competing senior WAG for Queensland next week.

No reason has (yet) been given for the pullout.

"I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry..."

Out of the all-around stakes on the men's side is fellow Queenslander and half-hobbit Josh Jefferis who is recovering from forearm surgery. Jefferis, like 2007 World Championships teammate Sam Simpson, will be featured in an International Gymnast online interview this week.

Gymnastics Queensland: Beautiful one day, suspiciously sub-par the next.



On a more promising note, here are the WAG national teams (thanks, Shelley):

1 Katelyn Andrews Women's IDP 6 ACT
2 Aimee Warnock Women's IDP 6 ACT
196 Emma Carroll Women's Level 10 ACT
197 Kaitlin Dawson Women's Level 10 ACT
198 Phillipa Dickens Women's Level 10 ACT
199 Emily Glover Women's Level 10 ACT
200 Melissa Orr Women's Level 10 ACT
201 Brittany Thomas Women's Level 10 ACT
96 Elizabeth Grant Women's Level 7 ACT
97 Kenyah Lawler Women's Level 7 ACT
98 Tahni Lawler Women's Level 7 ACT
99 Annalise Moore Women's Level 7 ACT
100 Annalise Nicholson Women's Level 7 ACT
101 Bianka Rose Women's Level 7 ACT
137 Keira Hopkinson Women's Level 8 ACT
138 Alice Jeffery Women's Level 8 ACT
140 Vanessa Schimizzi Women's Level 8 ACT

56 Ashleigh Kittl Women's IDP 10 NSW
57 Naomi Lee Women's IDP 10 NSW
58 Laura Martino Women's IDP 10 NSW
59 Emma Jane Nedov Women's IDP 10 NSW
60 Stella Savvidou Women's IDP 10 NSW
61 Monica Sloane Women's IDP 10 NSW
71 Chiara Della Marta Women's IDP 10 NSW
3 Gillian Chan Women's IDP 6 NSW
4 Rebecca Chong Women's IDP 6 NSW
5 Gabby Hussey Women's IDP 6 NSW
6 Elisha Lai Women's IDP 6 NSW
7 Victoria Manning Women's IDP 6 NSW
8 Madeleine Nedov Women's IDP 6 NSW
9 Elouise Princi Women's IDP 6 NSW
10 Maddison Pullinger Women's IDP 6 NSW
11 Kristen Venianakis Women's IDP 6 NSW
38 Emily Bennett Women's IDP 8 NSW
39 Judith Carrol Women's IDP 8 NSW
40 Jazmine Casis Women's IDP 8 NSW
41 Aleksia Curcic Women's IDP 8 NSW
42 Kiana Elliott Women's IDP 8 NSW
43 Alyssah Kay Women's IDP 8 NSW
44 Lauren Khoury Women's IDP 8 NSW
45 Georgia Kokotovic Women's IDP 8 NSW
46 Celeste Loo Women's IDP 8 NSW
70 Hiba Balout Women's Junior NSW
72 Mary-Anne Monckton Women's Junior NSW
202 Gabrielle Carlson Women's Level 10 NSW
203 Charlotte Cormack Women's Level 10 NSW
204 Sarah Iwanoczko Women's Level 10 NSW
205 Joanne Mikl Women's Level 10 NSW
206 Holly Tatum Women's Level 10 NSW
207 Sarah Wise Women's Level 10 NSW
102 Breeanna Carter Women's Level 7 NSW
103 Riley Cross Women's Level 7 NSW
104 Claire Esdaile Women's Level 7 NSW
105 Elycia Paredes Women's Level 7 NSW
106 Jacqueline Rosenzweig Women's Level 7 NSW
107 Sophie Wong Women's Level 7 NSW
141 Sinead Conway Women's Level 8 NSW
142 Laura Doyle Women's Level 8 NSW
143 Tayla Konestabo Women's Level 8 NSW
144 Amy Smit Women's Level 8 NSW
145 Paige Tatum Women's Level 8 NSW
146 Nancy Wang Women's Level 8 NSW
167 Casey Bacon Women's Level 9 NSW
168 Bree Hitches Women's Level 9 NSW
169 Amelia Hofer Women's Level 9 NSW
170 Chloe Lagarde Women's Level 9 NSW
171 Brooke McMahon Women's Level 9 NSW
172 Emma Rubbi Women's Level 9 NSW
173 Dominique Tynan Women's Level 9 NSW
174 Renee Usas Women's Level 9 NSW

47 Yasmin Budack Women's IDP 8 NT
74 Sophie Budack Women's Junior NT
108 Jasmine Castro Women's Level 7 NT
109 Karley McRae Women's Level 7 NT
110 Tessa Sorensen Women's Level 7 NT
111 Bianca Wardell Women's Level 7 NT

12 Abbie Benstead Women's IDP 6 QLD
13 Emily Conran Women's IDP 6 QLD
14 Tamika Jones Women's IDP 6 QLD
15 Eden Tarvit Women's IDP 6 QLD
48 Brittany Boffo Women's IDP 8 QLD
49 Tianye Boorman Women's IDP 8 QLD
50 Georgia Godwin Women's IDP 8 QLD
75 Georgia-Rose Brown Women's Junior QLD
76 Shar-lee Clark Women's Junior QLD
77 Amaya King Koi Women's Junior QLD
208 Shannen Biondic Women's Level 10 QLD
209 Kristy Bishop Women's Level 10 QLD
210 Tara Brady Women's Level 10 QLD
211 Monique Cowan Women's Level 10 QLD
212 Emma Longmuir Women's Level 10 QLD
213 Chloe Sims Women's Level 10 QLD (Woo!)
214 Stephanie Zietek Women's Level 10 QLD
112 Cassie Armstrong Women's Level 7 QLD
113 Sharney Edwards Women's Level 7 QLD
114 Samantha Hansford Women's Level 7 QLD
115 Sidney McIlwaine Women's Level 7 QLD
116 Sophie Musgrave Women's Level 7 QLD
117 Jessica Wigglesworth Women's Level 7 QLD
147 Nicole Cochrane Women's Level 8 QLD
148 Tegan Fisher Women's Level 8 QLD
149 Zoe Martin Women's Level 8 QLD
150 Taylor Ryan Women's Level 8 QLD
151 Tahlia See Kee Women's Level 8 QLD
152 Alexandra Smith Women's Level 8 QLD
175 Natalie Bennison Women's Level 9 QLD
176 Claire Black Women's Level 9 QLD
177 Penny Brooke Women's Level 9 QLD
178 Rebecca Carter Women's Level 9 QLD
179 Courtney Haley Women's Level 9 QLD
180 Samantha Pearce Women's Level 9 QLD
181 Jade Rowe Women's Level 9 QLD
182 Bianca Ruyssenaers Women's Level 9 QLD
183 Alexandra Trezise Women's Level 9 QLD
87 Amber Fulljames Women's Senior QLD (*sob*)
88 Larrissa Miller Women's Senior QLD

62 Sarah Hopkins Women's IDP 10 SA
16 Nicole Grout Women's IDP 6 SA
17 Mikaela Lange Women's IDP 6 SA
18 Sarah Murray Women's IDP 6 SA
19 Tierney Thouless Women's IDP 6 SA
215 Rachel Gein Women's Level 10 SA
216 Jenaya George Women's Level 10 SA
217 Kate Harrison Women's Level 10 SA
218 Dahlia Makkar Women's Level 10 SA
118 Amanda Agostinelli Women's Level 7 SA
119 Reanna Eglinton Women's Level 7 SA
120 Alicia Jones Women's Level 7 SA
121 Coby Mitchell Women's Level 7 SA
122 Jocelyn Stephens Women's Level 7 SA
123 Ashleigh Street Women's Level 7 SA
153 Kristen Goedecke Women's Level 8 SA
154 Ekaterini Kouzionis Women's Level 8 SA
155 Tayla Lewis Women's Level 8 SA
156 Keely Tyler-Dowd Women's Level 8 SA
157 Emily White Women's Level 8 SA
184 Emma Darcy Women's Level 9 SA
185 Allora Humphrys Women's Level 9 SA
186 Bethany Philp Women's Level 9 SA
89 Natasha Hammann Women's Senior SA
90 Crystal Yeo Women's Senior SA

124 Jessica Carter Women's Level 7 TAS
187 Olivia Burnett Women's Level 9 TAS

63 Grace Claringbold Women's IDP 10 VIC
64 Alexandra Eade Women's IDP 10 VIC
65 Laura Hingston Women's IDP 10 VIC
66 Amie Martin Women's IDP 10 VIC
67 Clare ODonnell Women's IDP 10 VIC
68 Simone Williams Women's IDP 10 VIC
83 Amelia McGrath Women's IDP 10 VIC
20 Brianne Allen Women's IDP 6 VIC
21 Celine Chang Women's IDP 6 VIC
22 Emma Curry Women's IDP 6 VIC
23 Emily Dean Women's IDP 6 VIC
24 Emily Haskayne Women's IDP 6 VIC
25 Brigette Snell Women's IDP 6 VIC
26 Grace Spark Women's IDP 6 VIC
27 Sarah Taig Women's IDP 6 VIC
51 Samantha Bognar Women's IDP 8 VIC
52 Grace Flood Women's IDP 8 VIC
53 Madelaine Leydin Women's IDP 8 VIC
54 Isis Lowery Women's IDP 8 VIC
55 Ciara Marasea Women's IDP 8 VIC
78 Alexandra Byers-Armstrong Women's Junior VIC
79 Emma Collister Women's Junior VIC
80 Rachel Collister Women's Junior VIC
81 Tierra Exum Women's Junior VIC
82 Zoe Lorenzin Women's Junior VIC
84 Georgia Wheeler Women's Junior VIC
219 Alicia Brown Women's Level 10 VIC
220 Madeline Green Women's Level 10 VIC
221 Alicia Jeffrey Women's Level 10 VIC
222 Felicity Jenkin Women's Level 10 VIC
223 Hannah Johnston Women's Level 10 VIC
224 Sarah Johnstone Women's Level 10 VIC
225 Meagan Silvers Women's Level 10 VIC
125 Emily Cavell Women's Level 7 VIC
126 Harriet Cousins-Palmer Women's Level 7 VIC
127 Olivia Delbridge Women's Level 7 VIC
128 Kiara Munteanu Women's Level 7 VIC
129 Cyndal Petty Women's Level 7 VIC
130 Nicole Quine Women's Level 7 VIC
158 Kirsty Brooks Women's Level 8 VIC
159 Rhiannon Campbell Women's Level 8 VIC
160 Kathleen Gannon Women's Level 8 VIC
161 Bianca Holt Women's Level 8 VIC
162 Jasmin Marijanovic Women's Level 8 VIC
163 Brittany Morison-Moon Women's Level 8 VIC
188 Annabelle Diamond Women's Level 9 VIC
189 Tayla Dinuccio Women's Level 9 VIC
190 Rachel Figgis Women's Level 9 VIC
191 Laura Hart Women's Level 9 VIC
192 Hayley Kurz Women's Level 9 VIC
193 Jamie Sanders Women's Level 9 VIC
194 Elle-Louise Smith Women's Level 9 VIC
91 Fiona Coley Women's Senior VIC
92 Britt Greeley Women's Senior VIC
93 Shona Morgan Women's Senior VIC
94 Annaleise Varga Women's Senior VIC

69 Nikola Chung Women's IDP 10 WA
28 Megan Aspinall Women's IDP 6 WA
29 Olivia Brown Women's IDP 6 WA
30 Briana Ciupac Women's IDP 6 WA
31 Franceska Fusha Women's IDP 6 WA
32 Molly Mckenzie Women's IDP 6 WA
33 Li-Anne Ng Women's IDP 6 WA
34 Darcy Norman Women's IDP 6 WA
35 Natasha Papadimitriou Women's IDP 6 WA
36 Danielle Tyack Women's IDP 6 WA
37 Sophie Ward Women's IDP 6 WA
85 Ashley Cooney Women's Junior WA
86 Emily Little Women's Junior WA
226 Nicole Smith Women's Level 10 WA
131 Gabrielle Barham Women's Level 7 WA
132 Sally Hackett Women's Level 7 WA
133 Kirstie Horton Women's Level 7 WA
134 Heather Jeffries Women's Level 7 WA
135 Nina Kennedy Women's Level 7 WA
136 Rachel Purdy Women's Level 7 WA
164 Madelaine Jones Women's Level 8 WA
165 Bronte Turpin Women's Level 8 WA
195 Eloise Valli Women's Level 9 WA
95 Lauren Mitchell Women's Senior WA

There is also a media guide to have a squizz at.

Nearly Time for Nats 09

Brisbane and Perth respectively will play host to the 2009 Men's and Womens National Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Rhythmic Nationals will also take place in Brisbane.

I am unfortunately not heading to either event but welcome reports and multimedia from anyone who is. I will do my best to follow the competitions as closely as possible online, but personal and work schedules may intervene in parts.

These events are just one additional step on the road to Worlds 09 and the wham-bam-thankye-ma'am 2010 schedule of Commonwealths, PacRim and Worlds (among other things). In the coming days I hope to feature spotlights on particular competitors to watch out for during the event. With some big names absent this year, up and coming gymnasts have more of a chance than ever to impress selectors.

Are ya excited?
Do ya need a change of pants yet!?!?