Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Senior All-Around LIVE!!!

Are you niblets excited or WHAT???

Videos will eventually be up at this or this YouTube channel so check back from Wednesday where you can.

My Perth sources have already got the ball rolling with some in-venue gossip so let's get crack-a-lacking on another big night of women's gymnastics!


Spotted: P-Liddy talking at length to Shona after her beam warm-up. No frowns but no smiles either.

Collister twins wearing different leos (clearly so they can't try a Parent Trap-esque ploy to switch places and trade routines). Still... it'd be cool if they tried.

Shona stumbled on her bars dismount and eventually sat it down. Scored 12.925. Showed a competent vault, as did Lauren.

Lauren managed a good bar routine, including a stuck dismount. 13.575.

Emily Little fell on beam, scored a 10.7 on bars (poor form plus a fall).

Mary-Anne having bars trouble again.

That said, apparently all is much improved from last night!

Britt 12.5 bars. Sat down beam dismount.

Emily good floor routine, 13.225

After three rotations: Britt 3, Shona 2, Lauren 1.

Britt both feet OOB on floor, otherwise a good routine.

Shona 12.450 on floor, Lauren went OOB three times(!).

Competition is now over.

Could Shona steal it from Lauren in the last rotation!?!?

The answer, it turns out, is 'no'.

Congratulations Lauren Mitchell, our new Senior National Champion!

Shona 2, Britt 3.

A photo of the podium has been forwarded to my phone but I can't seem to load it. :(


Kat said...

Thanks again for this. Just wondering how surprised everyone would be if Shona has caused an upset. The media was so focused on Lauren this year - or the articles I've seen anyones

Anonymous said...

I think it was mainly the WA media focused on Lauren which isn't surprising since she is from Perth. I don't think it will be a shock to anyone if Shona wins.

Kat said...

I was referring to a couple of rather random articles that I have seen over here in the USA. And no, I do agree it wouldn't be a shock because she like Georgia Bonora proved they are worthy AA's at the Olympics last year, with Shona making her mark at Nationals last year as well.

nade00 said...

Lauren did a nice beam, no falls and hardly any wobbles, although did not do back tuck after switch ring and missed another connection somewhere.

Shona looked extremely upset after getting silver again. John gave her a little consolation pep talk. Emily also looked pissed to only get bronze in juniors.

Georgia Rose hit a decent program finally - 12.95 on bars is the only score I remember though from her. Ashley Cooney nice bars 13.45 IIRC. Definitely a higher hit rate tonight. Larrissa hit nice bars for somewhere around 13.9 (IIRC) after her 14.05 yesterday but did not compete any other events.

Anonymous said...

Emily never looks that happy, you may have noticed little difference in her demeanor when presented with the Junior Gymnast award (after her initial surprise). Just the way she is. She may have understandably been disapointed though, as she did not have a very good comp across the board (apart from floor which was solid both days I think).I thought Lauren was a deserving and gracious winner, and looked the better gymnast tonight.

Anonymous said...

It was great to finally see the eastern States gymnasts after only little tiny you tube clips for so long (this is my first Nationals). Depending how quickly these girls can add difficulty I think things are looking better for this cycle that I had thought before today. As for 2016 - the depth in IDP 6 was pretty good. Heaps of talent, hope we can keep it for another 8 years!

Anonymous said...

Emma and Rachel wear different leotards because Emma is a VIS scholarship holder at the moment but Rachel is not.