Thursday, July 2, 2009


According to GA, our beloved SmallFreckly Amber Fulljames is pulling out of the national championships, as well as the Japan Team Cup after it. She is most likely going to be replaced in the latter by comeback kid Fiona Coley.

(B)Ambi's absence means Larissa Miller will be the only competing senior WAG for Queensland next week.

No reason has (yet) been given for the pullout.

"I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry..."

Out of the all-around stakes on the men's side is fellow Queenslander and half-hobbit Josh Jefferis who is recovering from forearm surgery. Jefferis, like 2007 World Championships teammate Sam Simpson, will be featured in an International Gymnast online interview this week.

Gymnastics Queensland: Beautiful one day, suspiciously sub-par the next.



On a more promising note, here are the WAG national teams (thanks, Shelley):

1 Katelyn Andrews Women's IDP 6 ACT
2 Aimee Warnock Women's IDP 6 ACT
196 Emma Carroll Women's Level 10 ACT
197 Kaitlin Dawson Women's Level 10 ACT
198 Phillipa Dickens Women's Level 10 ACT
199 Emily Glover Women's Level 10 ACT
200 Melissa Orr Women's Level 10 ACT
201 Brittany Thomas Women's Level 10 ACT
96 Elizabeth Grant Women's Level 7 ACT
97 Kenyah Lawler Women's Level 7 ACT
98 Tahni Lawler Women's Level 7 ACT
99 Annalise Moore Women's Level 7 ACT
100 Annalise Nicholson Women's Level 7 ACT
101 Bianka Rose Women's Level 7 ACT
137 Keira Hopkinson Women's Level 8 ACT
138 Alice Jeffery Women's Level 8 ACT
140 Vanessa Schimizzi Women's Level 8 ACT

56 Ashleigh Kittl Women's IDP 10 NSW
57 Naomi Lee Women's IDP 10 NSW
58 Laura Martino Women's IDP 10 NSW
59 Emma Jane Nedov Women's IDP 10 NSW
60 Stella Savvidou Women's IDP 10 NSW
61 Monica Sloane Women's IDP 10 NSW
71 Chiara Della Marta Women's IDP 10 NSW
3 Gillian Chan Women's IDP 6 NSW
4 Rebecca Chong Women's IDP 6 NSW
5 Gabby Hussey Women's IDP 6 NSW
6 Elisha Lai Women's IDP 6 NSW
7 Victoria Manning Women's IDP 6 NSW
8 Madeleine Nedov Women's IDP 6 NSW
9 Elouise Princi Women's IDP 6 NSW
10 Maddison Pullinger Women's IDP 6 NSW
11 Kristen Venianakis Women's IDP 6 NSW
38 Emily Bennett Women's IDP 8 NSW
39 Judith Carrol Women's IDP 8 NSW
40 Jazmine Casis Women's IDP 8 NSW
41 Aleksia Curcic Women's IDP 8 NSW
42 Kiana Elliott Women's IDP 8 NSW
43 Alyssah Kay Women's IDP 8 NSW
44 Lauren Khoury Women's IDP 8 NSW
45 Georgia Kokotovic Women's IDP 8 NSW
46 Celeste Loo Women's IDP 8 NSW
70 Hiba Balout Women's Junior NSW
72 Mary-Anne Monckton Women's Junior NSW
202 Gabrielle Carlson Women's Level 10 NSW
203 Charlotte Cormack Women's Level 10 NSW
204 Sarah Iwanoczko Women's Level 10 NSW
205 Joanne Mikl Women's Level 10 NSW
206 Holly Tatum Women's Level 10 NSW
207 Sarah Wise Women's Level 10 NSW
102 Breeanna Carter Women's Level 7 NSW
103 Riley Cross Women's Level 7 NSW
104 Claire Esdaile Women's Level 7 NSW
105 Elycia Paredes Women's Level 7 NSW
106 Jacqueline Rosenzweig Women's Level 7 NSW
107 Sophie Wong Women's Level 7 NSW
141 Sinead Conway Women's Level 8 NSW
142 Laura Doyle Women's Level 8 NSW
143 Tayla Konestabo Women's Level 8 NSW
144 Amy Smit Women's Level 8 NSW
145 Paige Tatum Women's Level 8 NSW
146 Nancy Wang Women's Level 8 NSW
167 Casey Bacon Women's Level 9 NSW
168 Bree Hitches Women's Level 9 NSW
169 Amelia Hofer Women's Level 9 NSW
170 Chloe Lagarde Women's Level 9 NSW
171 Brooke McMahon Women's Level 9 NSW
172 Emma Rubbi Women's Level 9 NSW
173 Dominique Tynan Women's Level 9 NSW
174 Renee Usas Women's Level 9 NSW

47 Yasmin Budack Women's IDP 8 NT
74 Sophie Budack Women's Junior NT
108 Jasmine Castro Women's Level 7 NT
109 Karley McRae Women's Level 7 NT
110 Tessa Sorensen Women's Level 7 NT
111 Bianca Wardell Women's Level 7 NT

12 Abbie Benstead Women's IDP 6 QLD
13 Emily Conran Women's IDP 6 QLD
14 Tamika Jones Women's IDP 6 QLD
15 Eden Tarvit Women's IDP 6 QLD
48 Brittany Boffo Women's IDP 8 QLD
49 Tianye Boorman Women's IDP 8 QLD
50 Georgia Godwin Women's IDP 8 QLD
75 Georgia-Rose Brown Women's Junior QLD
76 Shar-lee Clark Women's Junior QLD
77 Amaya King Koi Women's Junior QLD
208 Shannen Biondic Women's Level 10 QLD
209 Kristy Bishop Women's Level 10 QLD
210 Tara Brady Women's Level 10 QLD
211 Monique Cowan Women's Level 10 QLD
212 Emma Longmuir Women's Level 10 QLD
213 Chloe Sims Women's Level 10 QLD (Woo!)
214 Stephanie Zietek Women's Level 10 QLD
112 Cassie Armstrong Women's Level 7 QLD
113 Sharney Edwards Women's Level 7 QLD
114 Samantha Hansford Women's Level 7 QLD
115 Sidney McIlwaine Women's Level 7 QLD
116 Sophie Musgrave Women's Level 7 QLD
117 Jessica Wigglesworth Women's Level 7 QLD
147 Nicole Cochrane Women's Level 8 QLD
148 Tegan Fisher Women's Level 8 QLD
149 Zoe Martin Women's Level 8 QLD
150 Taylor Ryan Women's Level 8 QLD
151 Tahlia See Kee Women's Level 8 QLD
152 Alexandra Smith Women's Level 8 QLD
175 Natalie Bennison Women's Level 9 QLD
176 Claire Black Women's Level 9 QLD
177 Penny Brooke Women's Level 9 QLD
178 Rebecca Carter Women's Level 9 QLD
179 Courtney Haley Women's Level 9 QLD
180 Samantha Pearce Women's Level 9 QLD
181 Jade Rowe Women's Level 9 QLD
182 Bianca Ruyssenaers Women's Level 9 QLD
183 Alexandra Trezise Women's Level 9 QLD
87 Amber Fulljames Women's Senior QLD (*sob*)
88 Larrissa Miller Women's Senior QLD

62 Sarah Hopkins Women's IDP 10 SA
16 Nicole Grout Women's IDP 6 SA
17 Mikaela Lange Women's IDP 6 SA
18 Sarah Murray Women's IDP 6 SA
19 Tierney Thouless Women's IDP 6 SA
215 Rachel Gein Women's Level 10 SA
216 Jenaya George Women's Level 10 SA
217 Kate Harrison Women's Level 10 SA
218 Dahlia Makkar Women's Level 10 SA
118 Amanda Agostinelli Women's Level 7 SA
119 Reanna Eglinton Women's Level 7 SA
120 Alicia Jones Women's Level 7 SA
121 Coby Mitchell Women's Level 7 SA
122 Jocelyn Stephens Women's Level 7 SA
123 Ashleigh Street Women's Level 7 SA
153 Kristen Goedecke Women's Level 8 SA
154 Ekaterini Kouzionis Women's Level 8 SA
155 Tayla Lewis Women's Level 8 SA
156 Keely Tyler-Dowd Women's Level 8 SA
157 Emily White Women's Level 8 SA
184 Emma Darcy Women's Level 9 SA
185 Allora Humphrys Women's Level 9 SA
186 Bethany Philp Women's Level 9 SA
89 Natasha Hammann Women's Senior SA
90 Crystal Yeo Women's Senior SA

124 Jessica Carter Women's Level 7 TAS
187 Olivia Burnett Women's Level 9 TAS

63 Grace Claringbold Women's IDP 10 VIC
64 Alexandra Eade Women's IDP 10 VIC
65 Laura Hingston Women's IDP 10 VIC
66 Amie Martin Women's IDP 10 VIC
67 Clare ODonnell Women's IDP 10 VIC
68 Simone Williams Women's IDP 10 VIC
83 Amelia McGrath Women's IDP 10 VIC
20 Brianne Allen Women's IDP 6 VIC
21 Celine Chang Women's IDP 6 VIC
22 Emma Curry Women's IDP 6 VIC
23 Emily Dean Women's IDP 6 VIC
24 Emily Haskayne Women's IDP 6 VIC
25 Brigette Snell Women's IDP 6 VIC
26 Grace Spark Women's IDP 6 VIC
27 Sarah Taig Women's IDP 6 VIC
51 Samantha Bognar Women's IDP 8 VIC
52 Grace Flood Women's IDP 8 VIC
53 Madelaine Leydin Women's IDP 8 VIC
54 Isis Lowery Women's IDP 8 VIC
55 Ciara Marasea Women's IDP 8 VIC
78 Alexandra Byers-Armstrong Women's Junior VIC
79 Emma Collister Women's Junior VIC
80 Rachel Collister Women's Junior VIC
81 Tierra Exum Women's Junior VIC
82 Zoe Lorenzin Women's Junior VIC
84 Georgia Wheeler Women's Junior VIC
219 Alicia Brown Women's Level 10 VIC
220 Madeline Green Women's Level 10 VIC
221 Alicia Jeffrey Women's Level 10 VIC
222 Felicity Jenkin Women's Level 10 VIC
223 Hannah Johnston Women's Level 10 VIC
224 Sarah Johnstone Women's Level 10 VIC
225 Meagan Silvers Women's Level 10 VIC
125 Emily Cavell Women's Level 7 VIC
126 Harriet Cousins-Palmer Women's Level 7 VIC
127 Olivia Delbridge Women's Level 7 VIC
128 Kiara Munteanu Women's Level 7 VIC
129 Cyndal Petty Women's Level 7 VIC
130 Nicole Quine Women's Level 7 VIC
158 Kirsty Brooks Women's Level 8 VIC
159 Rhiannon Campbell Women's Level 8 VIC
160 Kathleen Gannon Women's Level 8 VIC
161 Bianca Holt Women's Level 8 VIC
162 Jasmin Marijanovic Women's Level 8 VIC
163 Brittany Morison-Moon Women's Level 8 VIC
188 Annabelle Diamond Women's Level 9 VIC
189 Tayla Dinuccio Women's Level 9 VIC
190 Rachel Figgis Women's Level 9 VIC
191 Laura Hart Women's Level 9 VIC
192 Hayley Kurz Women's Level 9 VIC
193 Jamie Sanders Women's Level 9 VIC
194 Elle-Louise Smith Women's Level 9 VIC
91 Fiona Coley Women's Senior VIC
92 Britt Greeley Women's Senior VIC
93 Shona Morgan Women's Senior VIC
94 Annaleise Varga Women's Senior VIC

69 Nikola Chung Women's IDP 10 WA
28 Megan Aspinall Women's IDP 6 WA
29 Olivia Brown Women's IDP 6 WA
30 Briana Ciupac Women's IDP 6 WA
31 Franceska Fusha Women's IDP 6 WA
32 Molly Mckenzie Women's IDP 6 WA
33 Li-Anne Ng Women's IDP 6 WA
34 Darcy Norman Women's IDP 6 WA
35 Natasha Papadimitriou Women's IDP 6 WA
36 Danielle Tyack Women's IDP 6 WA
37 Sophie Ward Women's IDP 6 WA
85 Ashley Cooney Women's Junior WA
86 Emily Little Women's Junior WA
226 Nicole Smith Women's Level 10 WA
131 Gabrielle Barham Women's Level 7 WA
132 Sally Hackett Women's Level 7 WA
133 Kirstie Horton Women's Level 7 WA
134 Heather Jeffries Women's Level 7 WA
135 Nina Kennedy Women's Level 7 WA
136 Rachel Purdy Women's Level 7 WA
164 Madelaine Jones Women's Level 8 WA
165 Bronte Turpin Women's Level 8 WA
195 Eloise Valli Women's Level 9 WA
95 Lauren Mitchell Women's Senior WA

There is also a media guide to have a squizz at.


shelley said...

And Dasha is listed as a delegate, presumably to get her on the comp floor.

VicGym said...

Thanks Shelley and Mez for the teams.

shelley said...

No Prob

Anonymous said...

Dasha and Jade are trainee team Managers as far as I understand.

Anonymous said...

They are Mentee Junior Team Managers according to the GWA website. I think it is a great way to keep them involved.

nade00 said...

Sad for Amber but she really didn't look competition ready or comfortable in general at Vics so I'm not that surprised.

Anonymous said...

Jenaya George competing 10 for SA. Wasn't she a Vic at some time??

Anonymous said...

Jenaya moved to Melbourne to train at the VWHPC as a Junior Int. Shern then moved to Waverley and trained and competed in the National stream (not sure what level). She and her mum have moved back to Adelaide with the rest of the family. Good on her for staying in the sport.

Anonymous said...

i thought ashleigh kittle was from wais??????????
wow. victoria has so many gymnasts! :)

GAZ90 said...

mag vic team is sending 57 athletes to nationals in Brisbane (they fly out today)So good luck to them.. :P
shame im not competing this year!
And WAG is sending 59 gymnasts to Perth.. also good luck to them!

nade00 said...

I will try and get as many vids as possible, but I don't know how quickly I'll be able to get em up while the event is still going on. 15th is when I get home.

TBH I'm more excited at about seeing the Int 6, 8 and 10s than the juniors/seniors with so many girls out!

exgymnast said...

will anyone be recording any levels girls? im quite interested in seeing nancy wang and tayla konestabo (nsw level 8) gabby carlson and sarah iwanozcko (nsw level 10) jamie sanders (vic level 9) .. if anyone could help out with that?! oh and also seeing how natasha hamman is going in elite!

thank you!

Anonymous said...

What is the photo/Video policy for nationals? I can't find anything. At WA events it seems only parents are allowed to video. I am hoping this is not the case for nationals.

Froggy said...

GA have never had a problem with legitimate fans videoing from the audience. Go for it


Anonymous said...

Challenge Stadium have signs on all the doors stating no Photography or videoing. Lets hope they don't enforce it.

nade00 said...

NO PHOTOGRAPHY AT ALL!? On the website it says you can use personal cameras so hopefully they will allow that (and those have discreet video-taking abilities). Otherwise that is just ridiculous. What a way to alienate fans.

Anonymous said...

It is a challenge Stadium thing, nothing to do with Gymnastics WA and quite common in WA venues now. I'm guessing that it will not be policed. There will be a proffesional photographer and video person, however I'm not sure how available those photo's and video will be. I intend to take some footage of the IDP 6 session, so I guess I'll have to take my chances.