Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Apparatus Finals LIVE!!!

This is it, folks.

The last day of nationals and the last day of the first big test for Worlds candidates.

Warm-ups are underway so let's not delay!


LeoWatch: WA = black and silver. Waverleys (ShoMo, Collisters^2)= blue, white, red club leotard. Natasha Hamman = Black, purple orange, deemed very nice. Britt G = Blue and white "shiny to the max". Fiona Coley in pink and purple "monstrosity".

Warm ups: Lauren "killing" all tumbles on floor, "looks awesome!".

Georgia-Rose Brown sitting down all hers.

Dasha spotted in the stands alongside sister Natalia.

Crowd asked to get up and boogie to a song. *sigh* I know, right? Doesn't work. Thank goodness they had the ever-awesome (and recently married!) Stacey Umeh there to set an example. Go Stacey, Go Stacey, It's Your Birthday... etc. I have been promised video evidence.

Rotation 1- Seniors vault, juniors bars

Shona vault average: 13.712.

Annaleise Varga gets a 6-something (owch).

Emily Little bars 12.125.
Tierra Exum bars 11.150.
Emma Collister bars 12.375.

An additional note to LeoWatch: MLC girls in pretty black with sparkles a la Pavlova in Beijing floor final. Unfortunately these get covered up by the very un-Pavlovaesque velour trackies.

Rotation 2 - Seniors bars, juniors beam

Fiona Coley bars 12.450
Britt bars 12.950
Larissa Miller bars 13.6
Lauren bars 14.25

Emily Little falls on front aerial. Scores 12.225.

Rotation 3 - Seniors beam, juniors floor

Fiona Coley beam 11.625
Natasha Hamman beam 11.250
Annaleise Varga beam 13

Britt sat down her dismount. 12.750.

Lauren fell on her back layout and put her hands down on the dismount. 13.150

Floor placings:
1st emily little 13.25
2nd georgia wheeler 13?
3rd georgia rose brown 12.725

Rotation 4 - Seniors floor, juniors vault

"Dasha gave lauren a big thumbs up before she went on floor and it must've helped because the performance was flawless! Stayed in bounds the entire time and nailed every skill. Biggest cheer from the crowd of the night!"

It transpires that Shona did not compete any event except for vault. Fiona also did not compete floor. My Perth people are losing their MINDS over the awesomeness of Lauren's floor.

Floor standings:
1st Lauren 14.725
2nd Britt 12.8
3rd Natasha Hamman 12.050
4th Annaleise Varga 11.825

(Comp isn't even over and apparently a queue of little girls has already formed in the stands, all wanting Dasha's autograph. Oh, the perils of being famous...)

Emma Collister vault 13.625. Nice!

The queue is now surely 70-strong. Poor Dash, they should've given her a card table and paid her by the hour... besides, will HER cast get any signatures on it?

"Poor Natalia was sitting next to Dasha but was finally kicked out when one mother wanted her daughter's photo taken with Dasha. I just wanna give Natalia a big hug!"

Srsly? Did she not know whose presence she was in? What a cow.

I want to start up a SAVE NATALIA JOURA FUND where she can be supported, recognised and sheltered from unhelpful coaches and bossy gym mothers!

Full scores and standings are now up at GA. There also appears to be one random shot of Fiona Coley (click on 'event photos' at the bottom of the results page).

***Senior Results***

ShoMo wins vault!
Lauren wins bars!
And beam!
And floor!

***Junior Results***

Emma Collister wins vault (with her sister in second)!
Ashley Cooney wins bars!
Georgia-Rose Lilac Aqua Orange Magenta Brown wins beam!
Amd Emily Little redeems herself with a floor win!


nswgymnast said...

love your work mez! and BIG thanks to mez's informants in perth

Anonymous said...

Annaleise got a "6-something" on Vault because she only did one vault. The others did two so the two vaults get averaged together, she only did one so it was kind of halved i guess.

Anonymous said...

Is there any news on the IDP 8 results? How did the queenslanders Britt Boffo and Tianye Boorman go? And what't the go with that new coach? Isn't he from Vic??

nade00 said...

In IDP 8 Brittay Boffo won. I have some pics of her and Tianye I will eventually post. In fact, I have to say that the QAS girls, with the exception of A King Koi, did fantastically. In IDP 6 they had far and away the best technique, especially on VT and FX. They did their back tucks with tramp style kickouts, and their front handsprings were very dynamic, whereas I thought a lot of the WAIS and some VIC girls just muscled themselves off the table. It was no surprise they won tons at IDP 6. They better hope that program survives because they have some gems.

Anonymous said...

So I guess Shona competed a FTY as well as a half on half off tucked?

Good to hear that her and Emma have chosen to start doing 2 vaults. More reason to be chsoen for worlds!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the tall (almost)bald coach from queensland? I am also interested to know who he is. Considering how well his girls did I would have thought he could have cracked the occasional smile. The queensland 6's and 8's certainly looked very polished. Does this mean though, that they have practiced a lot of routines and have few forward skills? It would be interesting to see what they can do in training.

Anonymous said...

A few more observations from event finals, however I left after the third rotation :(
After all the reports of a splatfest my partner was a lttle bit disapointed when all the juniors (then seniors) hit their bar routines.
I was plesently suprised by them. There were a few muscled hiccups and moments were a few almost went the wrong way. Some poor bodyshape/form as a result. Peggy seemed to be very encouraging, tilting her head to see handstands and really cheering on Emily at one point.

Lauren landed here beam dismount really low (almost on her face) I was a bit worried for her ankles but she walked off fine. She was standing for ages talking to her coaches and perhaps composing herself. She did appear to get all the connections though.

Britt Greeley, looked very confident during the competition. Shame about the fall on her beam dismount because she had done a really nice routine till then.

I believe Lauren warmed up vault 1.5 Y which she stuck one really well.
The Collister girls suprised me by not using flic flac's into their double salto's on floor. Emma? fell on her Arabian. Rachel fell on her front lay punch front (looked funny as she stuck her double pike and tuck around it)

Fiona's Leo was the GA black with Pink arm and purple bits

Anyone know why Shona only did vault - still not feeling well?

More photo's here: http://www.winningsportsphotos.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_1126_1127

Anonymous said...

Shona was heavily affected by a cold including some dizziness. It was decided she should limit herself to just vault as she felt that she could get through that safely, pity.

Anonymous said...

ibe onto here everything I said in my texts Mez...I love it :)
Those MLC leos though were nothing near as pretty as Pavs FX Beijing leo. These were more like Nastia's leathery I thinkkk 2007 black leo from Nats that had all the sparkles on it. They were pretty boring looking to me.
It really was such a shame Shona was so sick this week. Everything almost coulda been hers for the taking. A great opportunity for Lauren, and one she truly earnt, but Shona could've gone home with so much more hardware had she been feeling good. I felt so bad for her - she looked quite sad a lot of the time, and I guess probably pretty pissed that she couldn't do more or better than what she did. I would've felt the same way.

Anonymous said...

Agreed also that Britt and Laurens EF beam routines were seriously gorgeous, it was a shame that they had a few screw ups, cos otherwise they were really good. I too was worried Lauren may've injured herself when she dismounted as she put her hands down and really took quite a while to come back up to standing. I hope we don't read about ehr injurying her ankles or something in the next few weeks as a result of that dismount.
Can't wait to hear japan Cup results and onto Worlds!

Anonymous said...

yeah. i think that's right because Georgia Rose Brown and Alex Byers Armstrong also got similar scores due to lack of a second vault.

Anonymous said...

The queensland coach is Darren i think. he used to coach in Vic and then moved up to QAS

Anonymous said...

Ah right - Darren who? Where did he coach in Vic???

Anonymous said...

The coach of the IDP6 Queensland girls is actually Vladimir, not Darren. He just travelled with them. Vlad has been coaching those girls for several years. Not surprising with the gems he has previously produced.... Lisa Skinner, Danielle Kelly etc.