Friday, July 10, 2009

Nat Haps

That's "Nationals Happenings" for all you txt-spkrs out there.

Here is some information from my Perth source:

Victoria won the Level 9 Team event with a score of 231.325 from QLD on 229.1. NSW were bronze with 213.375.

We had some drama during general warm up for the last session. The fire alarm went off. I explained to the concerned looking out of towners that it was most likely a false alarm (it goes off fairly regularly), and not to evacuate unless the alarm moved to the next stage (which is a verbal instruction to evacuate). We are so used to it that no one so much as stopped what they were doing, the girls in the WAIS gym continued training. Of course about 2 minutes later it turned out to be a real evacuation! False alarm as it turns out but we all moved out anyway and waited for the fire engines and the all clear.

I wasn’t in the gym at the time but I heard there was a gymnast in the middle of her vault when the alarm went off who hurt herself. I don’t know who it was but I didn’t hear any more later.

There were a lot of sore looking gymnasts, lots of bandages and a possible broken toe, but nothing else that I heard.

Rachel Figgis (Waverley National 9) got a 15.15 on floor.

I had a feeling those unflappable Waverley 9 girls would help Victoria in the standings...

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, apparatus specialists Philippe Rizzo and Prashanth Sellathurai had less-than-stellar routines in event finals. Rizzo conceded high bar victory(!) to all-around champ Sam Offord and settled for bronze, but Sellathurai scored high enough on pommel, despite a fall, to hang onto gold.

Offord also won gold on vault, Sam Simpson won floor, Sellathurai was the only other double gold medallist with a rings win, and veteran Rizzo notched a first place finish on his other pet event, the parallel bars.

Offord is featured in a news article here.

Nazmi is featured in a news article here. Nice photo from Beijing included.

Some WAG National Levels photos can be seen here.
(Photos of Victorians can be seen here and here)

BTYC MAG Luke Tomsett is profiled in this week's Melbourne Weekly Eastern magazine.


Anonymous said...

Are there any videos up yet?

Anonymous said...

I have some video from lat night (level 10) but I have never uploaded video before so it could take me a while. Also, my batterry went flat just before the 3rd rotation when group 1 (Chloe Simms rotation)were on beam, so I missed beam and floor. Chloe had a wardrobe change after 2 rotations and did a fairly nice beam and floor so I hope someone else got it. I have the results from last night too so I will post those shortly.

Anonymous said...

AA 1. Chloe Sims 128.074, 2 Emma Longmuir, 3. Alicia Brown.
WA's Nicole Smith won Gold on floor, Chloe won Bars and Silver on Beam and Floor. Emma Longmuir won Beam and Vault, silver on Bars and bronze on Floor. Other Apparatus Medal winners were Alicia Brown (Bronze Vault and Beam), Kirsty Bishop (Silver Vault, Sarah Iwanoczko (Bronze Bars)and Alicia Brown (Bronze Vault and Beam).

Anonymous said...

Well done to all the girls who competed at nationals! It was a great week, lots of quality gymnastics and a heap of fun!
Thanks to gymnastics WA who put on a great event, it was well organised and a great atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that someone took videos! cant wait to see them. Does anyone else plan on videoing the elite girls would love to see them as I am stuck over here in Queensland!!!! lol much appreciated


Anonymous said...

What about the Victoria boys who had smashing success with all teams hitting the podium and Gold for the Senior Men's Team
Not to mention they won (for the first time) the Cheales/Williamson Shield which recognizes the most successful State at Natioanls.
Way to Go Victoria Men's Gymnastics

Victoria now has several National Squad members and National Champions!