Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG National 10

Wow. Welcome back into the fold, Chloe Sims!

"AA 1. Chloe Sims 128.074, 2 Emma Longmuir, 3. Alicia Brown.

WA's Nicole Smith won Gold on floor, Chloe won Bars and Silver on Beam and Floor.
Emma Longmuir won Beam and Vault, silver on Bars and bronze on Floor. Other Apparatus Medal winners were Alicia Brown (Bronze Vault and Beam), Kirsty Bishop (Silver Vault, Sarah Iwanoczko (Bronze Bars)and Alicia Brown (Bronze Vault and Beam)."


Anonymous said...

Chloe should have Given her medal to Emma longmuir... Sorry but I think that would have been the rght ting to do. She all ready has a commonwealth gold and this is as big as it gets pretty much for the level 10s. Feel free to disagree but I just think it would have been the right thing to do. At least she gave her place on the level 10 aus team up.

Anonymous said...

I agree. How long should a gymnast be out of senior international before they can come down to level 10? Chloe Sims owned all over the level 10 girls - she has had a wealth of experience (CWG, World Champs and more) and for the level 10s national championships is the biggest comp of the year.