Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi, Definition!

Would you like to see Lauren Mitchell's national championship-winning floor routine in high definition? In such detail that you can clearly see just about every person in the background watching intently (including some fellow competitors)? And you can even identify who they are (I spy Peggy and Liz C having a chat)?

You can, right here.

(Dasha can be heard saying "Nice one, Loz!" at 0:47)

Thanks to ChaChaKid, who has also managed to capture some megawatt smiles from Lauren.


Froggy said...

Lovely routine! I love how she covers the fall out of her pirouette with a "candlestick" ... up here for thinkin', down there for dancin' !!


Anonymous said...

I think today is Lauren's 18th birthday, I think