Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009 Nationals: WAG Senior (Preview)

Big thanks to Brindabella for providing a scan of a news article featuring women's all-around contender Lauren Mitchell:

(See a larger version here)

Gymnastics Victoria has photos up of its WAG National Levels teams arriving at Challenge Stadium.

Keep your news and views coming, because sharing is caring and Perth is a helluva long way from Melbourne!


Anonymous said...

I saw them take those photos yesterday after podium training. They didn't waste any time getting them up! Oh and by the way, Challenge, not Chandler. lol

Mez said...

Thankyou! I have edited the post.

nswgymnast said...

apparently the NSW level 7 team won! but does anyone else know which states placed where and how the girls went individually? grr at perth being so far away and the scores not coming up quickly! MAG and RG have got their acts together, why cant WAG??!?

shelley said...

From memory (not a good option!)

Lvl 7s were NSW, Vic then QLD
Lvl 10s were QLD, ACT then Vic