Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Men Men Men Men Manly Men Men Men...

Let's hear it for the boys! Men's Nationals kick off in Brisneyland this week (seniors take to the floor today), and so has the surrounding media.

Read an IG Interview with Queensland's own Josh Jefferis here.

Gymnastics Australia also have their own preview of the event here.

Sam Simpson scored a profile piece here.

You can also read an adorable interview with two aspiring Level 6 stars here.

"My goal is, when you compete in level 10 at my gym, you get your photo taken and you get put up on a big poster on the wall, and I’d like to get that."


tkatchif-your-lucky said...

It's interesting that they don't mention that Tsukahara is competing. You'd think they would mention that one of the world's best is here.

Anonymous said...

oh he competed at state championships and it was definately mentioned. Only him and Sam (simpson) competed in snrs at states and there medal presentation was quite funny.