Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 Nationals: Final Round-Up

Until we get videos.

P-Liddy is pretty happy with last night's results.

GA has a couple of photos up from the team event.

The Wynnum Herald has a short photo gallery from the Men's and Rhythmic competition in Brisbane.

I apologise for not having covered women's IDP10.

The Victorian team, comprising MLC and HPC girls, topped NSW for the team title. Nikola Chung of WA won the all-around, MLC star Amelia McGrath took second and NSW's Emma Jane Nedov took third. Apparatus titles were split between the AA medallists, with Chung winning vault and bars, Nedov taking top honours on beam and 'Milly' winning out on floor.

More photos and videos to come, hope you've enjoyed the show. I cannot thank Nade, ChaChaKid and Brindabella enough for their efforts inside and out of the arena. The blog couldn't have run at its best this week without their efforts.

Congratulations, of course, to all the winners and grinners at this year's national championships!


Anonymous said...

who's in the 2nd photo - i can spot olivia on the far right and allana next to her. who are the others???

nade00 said...

I will upload my videos tonight. I don't have that much of seniors because I know others were filming them while I took pics but I have some IDP 8 and 10 plus nearly all Jnr bars.

Anonymous said...

Brook Gysen, Jenny Smith and 1 other. All WA olympians if that helps.

Mez said...

The short blonde one looks like GV judge Sue Synnot!

shelley said...
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Mez said...

Ah. Perhaps I was thinking of Sue Cowdell(sp?) then? My bad.

Anonymous said...

Is the blonde girl Jayne Warrilow?

Anonymous said...

By the way - Jenny Smith looks amazing. She looks like she could still be out there competing!!!

Anonymous said...

could it be Michelle Telfer who represented us in Barcelona ?


Anonymous said...

wasnt Jayne Warrilow from NSW anyway ?


Anonymous said...

Jane Warrilow was definitely WA.I recorded the presentation incase anything interesting happened (nothing did).
Sue Synott was indeed there and recieved an award of merit. I wouldn't say she was tall, she certainly isn't blonde though.
The next award was athlete of the year; Lauren and Dasha, with Vlad receiving on Dasha's behalf.
Junior athlete of the year - Emily Little.
Coaching team of the year - WAIS
5 or more National Championships participation certificates to Dasha, Lauren and Emily.
Then my tape finishes! So I can't tell you who the other olympians are.The dark haired girl on the left is Brooke Gysen, and I remember they called out Jenny Smith. Obviously Alana and Olivia. It could be Michelle Telfer or Jane Warrilow.

Anonymous said...

it looks like jane warrilow. she won nationals in 1992 so would be in her mid to lat 30's now.

Anonymous said...

i thought it looked more like Jane. Michelle would be 35 now.

Martin said...

It IS Jane Warrilow. I know here... Yes, she was in Barcelona... A funny pic, after this years ;-)
A hello from Switzerland!