Monday, October 27, 2014

Nanning Catchup

For anyone that missed it at the time (and believe me, blink and you would have), an awesome Youtuber has put up Australia's bars rotation from 2014 Worlds prelims, the only ones captured on China TV.

Check out the individual routines here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Whatever Happened To...

... Waverley's Ulln (Yuleen) Sternberg?

Great news! The steady Ms Sternberg has followed the path of several Aussies and pursued collegiate gymnastics in the USA, recently joining the ranks at University of California for the 2014-2015 season.

Yuleen, who has also trained in Japan, had been spending quite some time in California, balancing schooling with gymnastics training at Head Over Heels Gymnastics. Her bars skills and vault confidence flourished at the centre, and she put herself up for recruiting. She will now proudly join the ranks of the 'Cal' Bears as an all-arounder, and says head coach Justin Howell:

"On the uneven bars, Yuleen has an amazing variety of skills from us to choose from and we’re really looking forward to being able to make some unique skill choices. She also has a very elegant line... Yuleen also brings experience with international competition, so she knows what it’s like to compete and focus on difficulty level and execution. It will really help her bring a polished look to her collegiate performances."

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You've Got Mail

Right on, Nick from Malvern East!

"The training and effort that goes into these performances puts other sports to shame...When will our media support sports besides the mainstream ones?"

You tell 'em!

Oh, and marketing team that thought up the "nude bodypainted models" at the Women In Sport Awards? - You got your gymnastics mixed up and your integrity completely inside out. Big fail.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Worlds: Women's Floor Final

Poised and precise in purple, Waverley Gymnastics' own Larrissa Miller showed she belonged in the world's top ranks with a 6th place finish in the floor final today. Showing no sign of bother from the team final slip-up,  Larrissa stood up every tumble and emphasised her elegant lines for a final impressive score of 14.233. Onya Riss!

Revisit the routine here.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014 Worlds: AA Final Wrap-Up

Last night had everything from a parade of pink to a bee in the bouquet!

Georgia Rose Brown was elegant as always in the "lucky" purple prelims leo, but our only look at her in the livestream was on floor, a routine that seemed a little watered down (front lay full in place of the double arabian pass) but the closing double tuck was great. A world away from the freakishly unsinkable Americans, sure, but mentally tough enough to tackle four exhausting pieces with all her teammates in the stands, Georgia finished 21st overall.

Her scores are here, the best coming on vault.

I've been holding out the vain hope someone gets withdrawn and we'll see Larrissa today in the uneven bars final, but now that comp is about to kick off for the day it's looking highly unlikely.

Tune in tomorrow (Sunday) from 4:00pm AEDST for Larrissa Miller in the women's floor final. And who knows, maybe we'll have a miracle and Emma Nedov budges into beam final too!

Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 Worlds: WAG AA Final

One girl, 5 feet 8 inches of balletic ballistics - tonight, Victorian's own Georgia Rose Brown will take on 23 of the world's best in the women's all-around final!

Follow along once again with Allana Slater live on Twitter or Facebook, and tune in for the livestream at 10:00pm AEDST. The start list is here, "Rosie" will kick off on floor.

Olivia and Larrissa have sent her some good luck wishes and will be joining Lauren Mitchell and Emma Nedov in the stands to cheer her on, while team and Victorian clubmate Maryanne Monckton teasted that Georgia will not be in a brand new leo design but one that to her is "lucky". CommGames team teal? Prelims purple? Time will tell!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 Worlds: WAG Team Final Wrap-Up

Eight is great but seven is simply heaven!

Photos by AFP

Australia's women bettered their prelims performance and finished 7th in the team final last night, counting one major fall across their competition, a slip in an otherwise glamorous performance from Larrissa Miller on floor. She's bound for redemption in the final this weekend.

Said routine, the only one of Australia's to be broadcast on the live online stream last night, can be seen at 00:35:00 here. I am very frustrated they showed Georgia saluting for beam then cut away.

Scores were brilliant on beam and booming on bars, talk about hitting when it counts in 6-3-3!

Liv says thumbs up!

The team are to be commended, and the only way from here is up and up some more. Monckton tweeted after the competition that she plans to have her Yurchenko double next year, and Vivian is no doubt to get her Schludern signature skill down pat.

See the full results here, AFP press photos here and while we wait for what are bound to be stunning finals shots of the team, you can view Nadia Boyce's arrestingly beautiful pictures from prelims here. Please do not use without her express permission.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Worlds: WAG Team Final

Australia's super sixpack pulled off the almost unthinkable on Monday night and has qualified to tonight's team final in 8th place.

A confident opening beam rotation to open (newbies Nedov and Muneanu holding their own admirably) and a world-class bars rotation to finish (love a good stuck dismount, two of them in a row is even better!) saw Australia edge its way in behind an uncharacteristically shaky Romania. One online observer commented, "Australia are treating this prelims like it's team finals!" and that attitude certainly paid off.

Unfortunately the FIG didn't seem to film any of their routines, however NNTV did show all the team's bars routines as they happened.

So. To tonight!

The official start list is here and live results page is here. Australia will start on floor, rotating alongside Romania. Coverage will start from 10:00pm AEDST.

FIG will be livestreaming on Youtube here, and I've no doubt USA Gymnastics will do the same here. NNTV may show it in full here. (If you're seeking something to unlock access, look up "HideMyIP", Hola Unblocker, Tunnelbear or Proxmate.)

Gymnastics Australia have superstar Allana Slater providing live commentary on their Facebook.

And of course, for up-to-the-minute coverage of skills and spills there are the usual twittery tweeters at International Gymnast, The All Around and FIG.


Monday, October 6, 2014

2014: WAG Qualifying (contin.)

The hour draws ever near!

Feast your eyes on some of the quick hit links below from 9:00pm AEDST to follow the Aussie girls in action in preliminary finals. (Unfortunately the subdivision will not be livestreamed, by USAG at least.)

Gymnastics Australia has confirmed that the lineup will not include Lauren Mitchell and the start list (page 41) reflects as such. Our all-arounders will be Vivian, Brown and Munteanu.

Best wishes to all the girls. They don't have an easy task but we know they will do their very best!

(UPDATE - An NNTV (TV China) link is here, they keep crossing to the arena so we *might* see Australia on it?)



During warmup, IG updated this:

"Lauren Mitchell was scheduled to compete here and even did podium training, but after that she injured her ankle on the landing of a 2-1/2 twist to punch front. It's a soft tissue injury, but there is just not enough time for it to heal well enough for her to compete. We all look forward to see her in Glasgow next year!!!"

Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Worlds: WAG Qualifying

Nadia Boyce has done yet another stellar photo album of the Aussies, this time in podium training. Olivia also tweeted this morning a picture of yet another Aussie training leo - black and pink with 'spider web' pattern on the shoulders, they've nicknamed it Spider Pig!

In less frivolous news, as of 11:00 this morning it was made known by two unofficial (i.e. media not related to or endorsed by FIG or the official event website) tweets that Lauren Mitchell rolled both ankles in training and is out of the meet tomorrow night. I will await an official statement from GA and/or tomorrow's start lists before being certain she is out of the lineup, and if that turns out to be the case this is very sad news for the team and we wish Lauren all the best for a speedy recovery.

UPDATE 3:30PM - Gymnastics Australia released a statement confirming that Lauren suffered an ankle sprain and that it is "unlikely" she will compete these Worlds, the remaining lineup being Mary Anne, Georgia Rose, Larrissa, Emma, Olivia and Kiara. However, we have up until one hour before the competition to lock this lineup in. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014 Worlds: MAG Qualifying


Australia's campaign in Nanning officially kicks off this morning, as our male gymnasts take to the floor for qualifying. From all reports they're extremely excited to finally get out there.

They will appear in subdivision 6 at 11am Australian Eastern time, starting on parallel bars.

Start lists are here

Due to an injury sustained in training, Australia announced yesterday that Sean O'Hara will be the team reserve. Wishing Sean a speedy recovery and that he can make the most of the atmosphere at the event while on the sidelines. Every team needs a cheerleader!

Follow the competition live today and in ensuing days at the following sources -

FIG Youtube - should be livestreaming all competition sessions
USAG Youtube - (USA's prelims session and TF/AA/EF finals only) will require an IP blocker such as Hola! for Chrome/Firefox, Proxmate for Firefox for you to view the channel
Piibunina's Youtube for training and miscellaneous videos inside the arena
If a CCTV (Chinese TV) or other livestream crops up I will update!

International Gymnast start list and results page

FIG Twitter (official hashtag is #FIGWorlds2014ART)
International Gymnast Twitter
Aussie Gym Boys Twitter 
Sean O'Hara Twitter - (will be livetweeting the boys in quals today)
Gymnastics Australia Twitter and Facebook

The Couch Gymnast - exclusive photos and reports

For anyone wondering a little more about how the girls went in podium... photographer Nadia B has teased that Lauren vaulted her Yurchenko full and Kiara has a new double front on floor! In other upgrade news, according to FIG both Olivia and Lauren have submitted new elements!


After their subdivision, Australia finished in 14th place (324.917) after a bumpy six events, with standout Tsukahara the highest AA finisher in 18th. Qualifying competition is still underway so their definite qualification through to next year's Worlds remains tentative. It was certainly not their very best outing but it had its commendable moments. Nerves and niggles can get the worst of anyone.

Flash quotes from after the competition were made available from the event website, here are Trenton, Chris and Michael.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 Worlds: Training


Excitement! Anxiety! Leo envy!

Check out Nadia Boyce's photo gallery of Aussie WAGs in the training hall (please do not use any photos without permission).

I am currently trying to follow the girls as they go about podium training but I've been advised several media representatives are over at a welcome/orientation session hence no livetweets from International Gymnast Magazine as in previous sessions. However, Gymnastics Coaching did make mention of their first rotation, I am hoping they have more to say as the night goes on.

I will update this post when videos etc become available.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Worlds: LEO ALERT!

The powers that be have unveiled one of the Aussie leotards for Worlds, a gorgeous green and gold one not dissimilar to their Commonwealth Games team outfit.

The Nanning event website spoke with team manager Liz Chetkovich after team training here.