Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Worlds: LEO ALERT!

The powers that be have unveiled one of the Aussie leotards for Worlds, a gorgeous green and gold one not dissimilar to their Commonwealth Games team outfit.

The Nanning event website spoke with team manager Liz Chetkovich after team training here.


Anonymous said...

I wish they had the green fabric closer to their faces, rather than the sheer black. I think it would look really flattering on them.

Anonymous said...

NANNING – Comments from Team Manager Elizabeth CHETKOVICH (AUS) during training on Tuesday in the Guangxi Sports Centre training hall.

Elizabeth CHETKOVICH (AUS) – team manager

On the team’s situation:
"We have seven girls here, but six to compete. We will decide after the podium training which one is not to compete.”

On the focus of the training:
"The focus is to get everything to go like the routines.”

On the team’s goal for the competition:
"The whole team should be in the top 12, hoping to get into the team final. As for the personal goals, we have Lauren MITCHELL (AUS) who was world champion on floor in 2010. And she also got several medals on floor and beam in 2009. We hope she could get into the finals in beam and floor. Besides, there are some other good gymnasts.”

On the evaluation of Team USA and China:
"I think China and USA will be the two strongest teams here. They will fight out the gold medal for the team. And there will be some medals between them. But we have some good individuals and we will have some finals.”

On the health of BROWN (AUS):
"Georgia Rose BROWN, she had a sore foot. We just want to check there was nothing serious. She is clear. She did a very good training this afternoon. She did everything in her program and we are very happy with that.”

This is on the Nanning web site

Anonymous said...

Typical covering for GRB again, taking her over injured, is that a wise move?

Anonymous said...

Depends on the injury. Sore foot could mean anything. I think most gymnasts carry some form of injury. Their bodies are under so much stress and you will find that there are a number of gymnasts competing at worlds that are carrying some form of injury all but masked by using cortisone or pain medication and mild anti inflammatory drugs. It's par the course of any elite athlete in any sport.

Anonymous said...

When does the women's comp actually start?

Anonymous said...

Agree totally with 8.57pm about the injuries. All these women have to contend with some sort of stress related injury throughout their careers. It is how it is managed by their coaching team which makes them succesful. I wish GRB all the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see a change from the swirly design on the leos, even if the new one does look a little like gold devil horns lol. Let's hope it gives them more fight/grunt out there on the competition floor. Go get 'em team AUS!

Anonymous said...

Why are we using a leotard from 2009 in podium training?

Mez said...

Might've been a comfort thing, like "old faithful"? Who knows.