Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Lozmas

IG have interviewed World floor champion Lauren Mitchell about her prospects for the silly season.

Note that they mention Loz will feature in the Jan/Feb edition of the magazine. Hope she makes the cover as well!

"After the Toyota Cup I'm having some time off, so that will be when I will celebrate."


Anonymous said...

Anyone know why Loz isn't doing floor?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.48pm

I don't know. But I see from the lists that Larissa Miller is competing, so maybe they decided to let her have a go and give Lauren a break.

Anonymous said...

Both girls are doing UB though so it's not a one per country thing. Hopefully she's not injured. It might just be a precaution or a rest thing. It is a little odd that the reigning world champion won't compete that event though.

Anonymous said...

I thought Ashleigh Brennan was meant to be competing at this comp too. Does anyone know what's happened?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lauren isnt competing floor because there is a two per country rule and Ashleigh was meant to be competing but is not now but Lauren is still not doing floor.

Anonymous said...

UB results are up
Larrissa fell and scored a 13.075
Lauren came fourth with a 13.75
Prasanth also fell on pommel horse.

Poor translation here