Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To...

More birthdays out of the Sunshine State...

Happy Birthday to Josh Jefferis! Many happy returns.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

BTW, Gymnastics Victoria is doing a TV broadcast on Channel 31 on Thursday the 8th of September! The first of three! How exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

H - a - P - P - Y
B * i * R * T * H * D * a * Y

••• J-o-S-H •••

He's the one who inspires my son!!!


nade00 said...

has anyone news of the injured senior girls? Simpson, Wurth, Joura, Chung, Lorenzin, Wheeler, Bonora, Donald, McGrath? Are they expected to attend trial 2? Surely the list must be finalised by now with the trial starting in 12 days....

Anonymous said...

Good question, Nade! I am also intensely curious.

nade00 said...

yes well fingers crossed for some good news! It would be really sad if any of them had to miss out from trialling for such an important comp.

Anonymous said...

Especially with selection down to 5 girls next year (assuming we qualify a team, of course!).

Anonymous said...

Any lack of news is bad news IMO. I figure they'll be battling hard for the 8th spot at this year's worlds in the team qualifications.

Anonymous said...

It will definitely be a battle, but I think we have the capability if we hit.

Ahead of us:

then I think the last three places will be Germany, Australia and hopefully Great Britain.

Have I left out anyone important?

France, Italy and Spain are all real possibilities too, but I don't know as much about their teams this year.

Canada maybe? They are definitely on the improve.

I will certainly be cheering MADLY for our girls to make it. Go Aussies!

nade00 said...

Brazil and the Netherlands might be a shot too. Hypolito has reinvented herself and they have Jade Barbosa back. NED were 9th in Rotterdam and this year they get Tess Moonen who did very well at YOG.

I also think Italy might be slightly ahead of us now that they have Carlotta Ferlito.

Time will tell eh!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Netherlands will be competing against Poland on Saturday. Should be a good chance to see some scores, especially their difficulty level as compared to ours.

They have some nice gymnasts!

Anonymous said...

What is it about WG?????
The original post was about JOSH!!