Tuesday, June 5, 2012


You can be forgiven for thinking there might be bad blood between training partners Josh Jefferis and Tom Pichler, given one is now set for Olympic glory and one will watch on from the sidelines.

But the two Sunshine staters are in very good spirits, with a brand new online video series following their journey to London. It's believed they'll be updating weekly, but of course their schedules are pretty packed! Watch the first instalment here:


Eliza Brebner Griffin said...

Tom should get some kind of "Gymnastics Australia Best Bloke Ever Award". He has just shown incredible poise and sportsmanship throughout this whole process.

Anonymous said...

I Love Tom! I think he should end up doing something in the media - maybe commentating gymnastics at the Olympics??? He seems like such a top bloke and a great sportsman who has absolutely no chip on his shoulder what-so-ever.
How funny is that Blake kid lol :)

Anonymous said...

Has this been shown on here:

Two videos in the package!

Anonymous said...

Well done - such great ambassadors for the sport! Thomas is such a professional - he HAS to get a job in the media! Good luck in London Josh!

Joe said...

That's good to see. Must be tough if just one of you makes it through.