Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best of 2012

It gets tricky to recall every gymnastics happening of 2012. It becomes more and more of a debacle to put together the categories I would normally put up each year. Also, isn't mentioning 'sad' events a thing that makes you sad? Yeah.

This year I'd just like to narrow down AGB's highlights to the "best of"s.

1. What was the best Australian artistic, rhythmic or gymsport routine(s) you saw this year?

2. What was your favourite moment in Australian gymnastics this year??
(medal win, sideline moment, media or social media appearance etc)

Comment on this post with the routine details (gymnast name, competition, apparatus/discipline), and say why you liked it, or what it meant when it happened. Was it the best execution you've seen? Was it huge skills nobody else was busting out? Was it someone's comeback? Was it an event Australia hasn't done well in before? Was it a clutch routine for the team? What excited, delighted or ignited your gymbrain this year? And if you can't find a video of it to link to, describe it and I will try to track it down for you

Here are some the AGB elves enjoyed...

Artistic: Women's floor. Lauren Mitchell, London Olympics team prelims. What can we say? Resplendent in the green and gold, Lauren battled an abdominal injury to complete a routine good enough for a finals slot, which then led to a wonderful moment for 2012: our highest ever women's individual Olympic finish.

Artistic: Men's rings. Josh Jefferis, Pacific Rim Championships event final. Cool Hand Joshy! One of Australia's few medal wins (bronze) on American soil at a PRC. Clean with a very determined dismount. Hearing he medalled for this brought a smile to my dial.

Artistic: Women's uneven bars. Olivia Vivian, National apparatus finals. At the national championships, our expat expert on bars proved irrefutably that she can still rule the roost. What a dismount! What! A! Dismount!

Acrobatics: Odyssey, Australia's Got Talent 2012 grand final. Awww yiss. Acro on the nationally televised stage... and SUCH acro! Just listen to the reception!

Rhythmic: Ball. Janine Murray, London Olympics prelims. Yes, she quite literally drops the ball towards the very end. But her fluidity and personality prior to the mistake are just great. So stylish! The ball and ribbon routines are my personal favourites of Janine's repertoire.

So, over to you.

I'll add your suggestions and comments to a new post that will continue to be updated as they come in. Feel the love!

And also feel free to highlight routines that aren't at Olympic or otherwise elite levels (but preferably not ones from budding gymmers "just because they are my son/daughter"! Otherwise the post might explode!)


Anonymous said...

No-one is saying anything, but I will. I enjoyed Tom and Josh's pre-Olympics videos. They were great fun. I hope one or both of them have a future in the media. :-)

Mez said...

YES! How fun were they!?

Anonymous said...

it's just too hard to find any gymnastics 'highlights' from 2012.

Anonymous said...

For me it was seeing Josh Jefferis make the all round Olympic Finals and achieving Australia's best AA placing at Olympic Level. He is such a humble and giving young man and a great role model for all young gymnasts to aspire to.

Anonymous said...

Yes to Josh's results ... and the support and encouragement he had from Thomas along the journey ... and back before that the humility shown by Sam Offord when his Olympic dream was stolen in a training mishap ... oh I am so grateful that men's gymnastics has these fine young men for the boys to look up too!!!

Anonymous said...

If your going to mention sam then you need to include luke W who was unable to do the trial for the olympic position because of a broken thumb a couple of weeks before. At 2012 national champs he was well in front of the others but unfortunately the position already had been lost. The selection process meant that australia actually was unable to send its best gymnast. Im sorry i really support josh but i feel that luke would of been able to get a better result for aus if selected.

Anonymous said...

You know what ... I'd be happy and cheer my heart out for any of our senior men ... They all rock and are solid role models for those coming through the sport.

Anonymous said...

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