Saturday, January 19, 2013

AYOF: Breaking

Congratulations Michaela Whitehouse!

AYOF Rhythmic all-around gold!

There have also been more artistic videos uploaded here (incl. Australians).


Australia's women and men unfortunately finished outside of the medals in both the all-around and event finals today. Disappointing though it is, I am sure this was a big learning curve for all as we trundle along to Rio.

Shout-out to the AA champions this weekend: Tyesha Mattis and Ruoteng Xiao!

Olivia Vivian also met our trampolinists, who unfortunately also finished off the podium in both men's and women's individual finals.


AlexMcNeilly said...

What a fantastic champion, she showed them today on the floor with a beautiful ball, hoop routine. Congratulations

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