Monday, March 25, 2013

Second Chance

Unfortunately, Luke Wiwtowski and Elliott Cook were unsuccessful in their campaigns at the Cottbus Challenge in Germany over the weekend. Neither gymnast made it through to an apparatus final.

But the fantastic news is, they get a second chance THIS week at the Doha Challenge in Qatar!

They'll be joined by none other than pommel pro Prashanth Sellathurai, who has previously medalled at the event!

Good luck, fellas!

UPDATE 10:30pm Wednesday -  I am being told a livestream of the Doha event will be starting in the next hour at this channel?

UPDATE Thursday:

Good results for the guys so far!

Luke qualified 8th to the floor final and 6th to the p-bars final, Prashanth 8th to pommel! Onwards and upwards!

UPDATE Friday: Finals results!
Floor: Wiwatowski, 13.750 (8th)
Parallel: Pending
Pommel: Sellathurai, 14.650 (7th)

Update Sunday: Videos! (Happy Easter!)

Prashanth's Pommel
Luke's Parallel Bars


Anonymous said...

wishing you all the best - hopefully a final or 2!!!

Anonymous said...

btw why can't GA be original ... check out the "theme" for the British Gymnastics championships just held ... then check out GA website for the "theme" for the Australian Champs this year ... oh dear Super!!!!

Anonymous said...

TBH I saw the GA theme before BG had theirs up

Anonymous said...

i agree, wondered why BG had copied ours two months ago!

Anonymous said...

So where is the footage from the recent WAG camp? As usual there doesn't seem to be any. It would be great if they could follow the boys and actually show us what goes on behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was interesting that zoe lorenzin wrote the article about camp but down as having attended. is she still training?

Anonymous said...

*wasnt down

Anonymous said...