Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nationals 2013 - Coverage

Back home from out of town, back into the swing of things.

Thanks for your patience.

Here are some blue-ribbon sites to follow nationals action as it unfolds this week:

Results page
Gymnastics Australia Facebook
Gymnastics Australia twitter
Gymnastics Australia Youtube - some Tumbling videos from the championships are already up
The Couch Gymnast (I believe Brigid was unable to be in attendance this year, but has been putting up some great profile features on individual competitors)
Tracey B's twitter

Gymnasts on twitter (I'm happy to regularly add to this list)
**opinions expressed are wholly those of the individual and not of AGB
Luke Wiwatowski
Olivia Vivian
Blake Gaudry - Re-crowned the national men's senior champion this weekend!

And I'll update anything useful or exciting right here!


Anonymous said...

Would you happen to know where (which club?) Stacey Umeh is working these days? Thank you in advance!

Esme said...

My understanding (although I haven't seen Stacey as of late):

Stacey works for GA National Coaching Staff, and as an independent contracter for clubs (e.g. to come and coach for a week, choreograph routines, etc) and states, and other areas.

Her contact details escape my thoughts at present, but you could always email GA and ask for a contact email.

Anonymous said...

She is at WAIS at present

Anonymous said...

She is releiving for a couple of months at WAIS while one of the coaches is away. That's all.