Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aussies to Antwerp

Official word out of the Victorian Men's High Performance Centre is that one member of our 3-strong men's artistic world championship team will be...

Luke Wiwatowski!

Congratulations and best wishes, Luke!

This year Luke Wiwatowski's love of gymnastics will send him to Antwerp, Belgium as a member of the Australian Men’s Team to 2013 World Championships.

Luke fell in love with this sport at a young age, and in turn, it has shown him the world while representing Australia as a gymnast.

Participating in 2013 at the Doha World Cup and following a great result at the 2013 Australian National Championships where he received 2nd AA, 1st on Floor, 1st on HBar and 2nd on PBars he was named to the 3 man team travelling to Switzerland for a training camp and on to Antwerp, Belgium where he will compete for Australia at this year’s World Championships.

In 2012 Luke moved to Melbourne to train at the Victorian Men’s High Performance Centre. “The Victorian Men’s HPC provided me a great opportunity to train in a healthy environment and also gives me a healthy balance between life and gymnastics.”

“The HPC gymnastics program is a large program which caters to gymnasts at all levels. It is a great place to train and develop good friendships with others who are dedicated to the sport.”

We all wish Luke the best and safe journey at Worlds this September!

I will update on the other members of our delegation as I get news.

Update Fri:

Gymnastics Australia confirms today that the other team members will be

Prashanth Sellathurai
Naoya Tsukahara

Congratulations to all three, who will do us proud in Belgium!


Anonymous said...

The other two are pommel prince prashanth and Naoya tsukahara.

Any news on the girls? Recon anyone will go?

Mez said...

Hi anon.

Thank you. But is there official confirmation of the men's team somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Luke, Prashanth and Naoya - is this the first time Naoya has represented Australia?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but any news on the delightful Georgia Simpson?

Anonymous said...

Jobs confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Well, if they're the head coaches who we have to work with, I hope it works well. We can moan all we like, but it won't change anything. So let's just get on with it. And it is good to finally know.

I too have been wondering about Georgia Simpson and also Nikki Chung. I hope they are well and happy, whether they are still training or not.

Samuen loren said...
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