Sunday, October 6, 2013

Worlds 2013: Proshy Be Proud

You can't win 'em all the time.

Prashanth Sellathurai unfortunately couldn't repeat his wonderful pommel performance from qualifications in the individual final overnight. Speedy pirouette work saw him get a little overwhelmed with momentum and take a tumble from the horse. He was relegated to 8th place. But 8th in the world is certainly nothing to sniff at, and he'll surely find himself in medal contention again soon. There was a lot of good word on social media about the composition and neatness of his routine, and genuine dismay expressed once his fall occurred.

You can watch a full clip of the pommel horse final, courtesy of Chinese television, at the link below. Prashanth appears 7 minutes in.


Anonymous said...

Always proud of our men - they have the goods ... it's all about putting it together on the day - twice this year I have seen Proshy up close doing what he does best .... owning that pommel!!! MG rocks .... please give us some in depth updates of the open tour in NZ!!!!

Anonymous said...

noone on here now...wunder y??