Sunday, January 19, 2014

Aaaaaaaaaand we're back!

Greetings from 2014!

What a huge year in gymnastics it is gearing up to be, with the Commonwealth Games and World Championships just a fraction of what's on the calendar to discuss and dissect.

The anonymous comment function has been reinstated but I will continue to monitor the direction that comments are taking. I sincerely request that anything involving club matters or unconfirmed observations goes to the Australian Gymnastics Fan Message Board. It's free to use and easy to sign up. It was not set up by me, is not moderated by me, and the content is not officially endorsed by me. I just know it serves some chatter better, is password protected and allows for submitted messages to be edited at any time. And they'll probably find the answer certain queries with more detail and patience than I can, let's be honest. If I have to hear snarky one-liners about Queensland club politics one more time...!


So here we are, at the dawn of one of our most exciting years yet. 2013 was a rebuilding year for Australia, and now we get to see how the new pylons are looking.

* WAGs are currently in Canberra, undertaking their second camp for the new year period. Thus far, an Australian delegation is pencilled in for attendance at the upcoming WOGA Classic in Texas, confirmation on this is due soon.

* The men's side have big shoes to fill this year, with pint-sized legend Josh Jefferis announcing his retirement from gymnastics. Josh has represented his country proudly over the last decade, notching our highest World and Olympic all-around finishes, one even on home soil! We wish him the best in all that lies ahead.

* Australia continues its proud NCAA representation in America, with Shona Morgan and Nikola Chung both victorious in their respective schools' first meets of the season. Check out Shona's brand new floor for the Stanford lineup, and the 2014 promotional video for the Maryland Terrapins featuring Nikki. Both girls rock a pretty mean game face!

* Victorian MAG stalwart Tyson Bull has announced he is off in June to compete for the prestigious University of Illinois. The team boast some formidable skills and results, and Tyson's daring resume will no doubt serve him well in a brand new environment.

Here's to many, many more big and exciting gymnastics developments!


Anonymous said...

Anyone heard any news from camp?

Budak KacaMata said...

happy Australia Day!!

Anonymous said...

Shona looks a lot more expressive than when she competed for Australia. Good for her!