Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pacific Rim (minus robots and seamonsters)

At last, at last, another Pacific Rim Championships is upon us!

Australia's gymnasts have arrived in Richmond and been training strongly. You can see some videos of the women's artistic team courtesy of Gymnastike if you click through from here. I'm thrilled to see Kiara Munteanu stand up her barani on beam, and just plain delighted by the prima ballerinitude that is Yasmin Collier.

There's also a video of what I'm fairly certain is Luke Wiwatowski training floor here and high bar here. I think it's the haircut that's throwing me!

The event will be livestreamed here. Richmond is 17 hours behind Melbourne time (7pm Wednesday here = 2am Wednesday there)

Happy early easter! From Mischa Barabach and a random rabbit.

Update Sunday: 

When all is said and done, we've had a lot of fun.

Australia didn't walk away from Richmond with the swag of medals it hoped for, but there was certainly an impressive effort put out on the floor.

An absolutely huge "Onya!" has to go to our gold medallists:

 - Clay Stephens, junior men's vault
- Abbie Watts and Jayden Cooney (yes, sister of Ashley!), junior women's synchro trampoline

As well as our minor, but by no means insignificant, medallists:

- Georgia Rose-Brown, senior women's uneven bars (bronze)
- Men's trampoline team (bronze)
- Hugh McConnell and Dominic Clarke, junior men's synchro trampoline (silver)
-  Dominic Clarke, junior men's individual trampoline (bronze)

Unfortunately Australia came up empty-handed in rhythmic gymnastics, but commentators had very encouraging and admiring words for our ladies in their coverage. I am currently listening back to them gushing over the start of Danni Prince's ribbon routine!

Gymnastike caught up with Georgia Rose Brown, Kiara Munteanu and Peggy Liddick after the women's team/AA round of competition. Smiles all round!

A brief post-meet interview with golden boy Clay can be seen here.

I'll update other media as it comes to hand.

A reminder that footage from the meet's livestream can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

We haven't won a medal at Pac Rim since 2010, where Em Little, Millie McGrath and the team all won one. Goes to show the importance of trying to keep athletes in the sport.

Anonymous said...

Has Emily Little retired?