Tuesday, May 20, 2014

National Treasure

You guys. YOU. GUYS.

National Champs kicks off this week! Aw mah gaw!

This morning I boarded an earlier train than usual in town and I am extremely glad for it. Who should be smiling up at me from inside an abandoned Herald Sun but the lovely ladies of Victoria!

Not to be outdone, past champions Lauren Mitchell and Olivia Vivian recently made the back page in WA and recorded a segment alongside Jayden Bull on Studio10 to promote the event.

Women's national coach Peggy Liddick, pictured below with Queensland hopefuls at this morning's training session, spoke to International Gymnast recently, discussing the crop of new seniors vying for Commonwealth Games and World Championship team selection during this week's rounds of competition.

Image credit: QWHPC

Yours truly will be attending the two sessions of Senior and Junior artistic apparatus finals, camera in hand to capture the action. I promise not to neglect the MAGs so much this year! So quick hits and score updates will pretty much be only during rotation changes and wait periods. I figure you guys would rather see than read anyway!

GA have announced that blue-ribbon sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be livestreamed at gymnastics.org.au, and a highlights package aired on digital station One in July. The livestreaming in particular will be a great opportunity for our international friends to tune in to Australia's progress so spread the word!


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