Tuesday, December 2, 2014

They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab....

For those interested in injury rehabilitation in gymnastics, or just plain keen to get inspired, check out dual Commonwealth Games silver medallist Mary-Anne Monckton's youtube channel.

"Mez" Monckton has been updating weekly video instalments of her progress after surgery on a peroneal tendon (ankle) tear. She's been sporting a big ol' boot but that hasn't kept her away from the sport she loves.

Currently 4 weeks in, Mary-Anne's vlogs show her determined regime in and out of the gym, building up muscle strength and getting back into the swing of things on the trampoline and strap bar. We look forward to seeing this gutsy Victorian senior back on the floor in 2015, fitter than ever!

Follow more of Mary-Anne's updates at Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Been enjoying watching Mez's rehab videos. Keep up the good work girl!

Anonymous said...

I agree, its been so interesting to see rehab at a high performance level. thanks mez!