Saturday, August 21, 2010

Youth Olympic Games: EF Day 1 LIVE!

It's 6pm Singapore time, so that means day 1 of apparatus finals has kicked off.

Go here and select channel 2 to watch the live stream. Watch out for Angela Donald in the uneven bars final.

Tomorrow, Angela will compete again in the beam final; her MAG counterpart Brody Hennessy will feature in the high bar final.


Angela's wearing white leo with pink and purple flourish (think Dasha in Aarhus bars final).

She will be up 4th. Warmup looks great, swinging confidently, sticks a double tuck dismount.

C'mon Angela!

Swings the 'real' routine just as nicely. Great leg form throughout, smooth overshoot from high to low, then stalder transition from low to high, slightly bent leg on straddle tkatchev? Though maybe it's just me? Small shuffle on the full in back out dismount but otherwise a great effort. Gets a big hug from Ferlito of Italy as she gets off the podium. Then a bigger one from Shao Yi! Team doctor seems chuffed with her efforts, too, from behind the barriers. Scores 12.975, finishing in 4th, juuuust short of a medal!

(I couldn't NOT capture this moment!)

Please be advised that I may NOT be here to cover tomorrow's event finals. Though I will do my best!

Read a wrap-up with quotes from Angela here.


Anonymous said...

It annoys how the commentators just call every Yurchenko vault a Yurchenko they don't specify whay type of Yurchenko, they musn'y know what they are.

Anonymous said...

that's a lovely picture of Ang and Shao-yi! Oh, the commentating is so bad! I wish someone that knows what they're talking about would crash their commentating box and correct their every mistake!(still the live feed is awesome)

Anonymous said...

Yay Ange! She's been so consistent this week -- especially impressive after such a long injury layoff.

Bodes well for her ability to upgrade!


Anonymous said...

go angela!!!