Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011/2010 Award Wiiners

Hi everyone.

So he were are then, the last day of 2011!

I hope it was enjoyable for all of you. Thanks again for taking the time to pop by AGB. I'll be back in 2012 to cover some of those HUGE events that will grace our arenas and screens.

I am extremely sorry I never announced the winners of the last Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards on the first of January. It's extremely remiss of me and I won't let it happen again! I am rectifying the mistake by acknowledging the winners right here right now! Thanks so much to everyone who emailed in votes, it was a great turnout. I hope to hear from you again in the 2012 Awards, which I vow to manage much better.

So here we go! The winners of 2010's Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards as voted by you, the readers!


1. Female Gymnast of the Year (Senior)
* Lauren Mitchell
Honourable Mention: TIE - Maryanne Monckton and Georgia Simpson

Female Gymnast of the Year (Junior)
* Angela Donald
Honourable Mention: Amelia McGrath

2. Male Gymnast of the Year (Senior)
* Prashanth Sellathurai
Honourable Mention: Josh Jefferis

Male Gymnast of the Year (Junior)
* Jack Rickards
Honourable Mention: Declan Stacey

3. Australian Artistic Gymnastics Team of the Year
* WAG Commonwealth Games

4. Coach/Coaching Team of the Year
* Nikolai Lapchine and Martine George, WAIS

5. Routines of the Year

Prashanth Sellathurai, World Championships EF

"His routine is amazing! although he didn't get any place at worlds watching the routine makes me go :O wow... "

Lauren Mitchell, World Championships EF

"Well done to this routine! i don't think many were expecting her to win this but she did! and it was great!! she performs it so well and her tumbles are awesome!"


6. "Smile" Moment of the Year
* Prashanth Sellathurai gives Commonwealth gold to his mum

7. "Sad" Moment of the Year

* Aussie boys crash out at Worlds

8. Surprise of the Year
* Shona Morgan signs to Stanford

9. Simon Reeve Award for Gymnastics Media Coverage
* (TIE) Foxtel, for Commonwealth Games broadcast and OneHD for Pacific Rim broadcast
And thanks for all the interesting comments about Make It Or Break It... it seems to be every gymfan's guilty pleasure!

10. Brittany Boffo Award for Memorable (If Unfortunate) Mishaps
* Australia's beam lineup in the Delhi women's team final

11. Gymsport Athlete/s of the Year
* Naazmi Johnston, Rhythmic Gymnastics

12. Monique Allen Award for Successful Ex-Gymsporters
* Lydia Lassila, aerial skiing gold medallist

13. Photo of the Year

Thanks again everyone who emailed in votes, they made my inbox smile.


I hope the new year starts off amazingly for you and you get ample time with your loved ones. Enjoy a sip of champagne for me. Thanks for the support, on and offline.

Gym on, superstars! See you in 2012!


Anonymous said...

Ok wise people....

I am looking for some help.

I cannot see the difference between three leaps on floor and it is frustrating me. Can anyone point out how I can easily spot the difference between a changeleg half, a tour jete half and a split leap full?

Would love your input


Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture of the year Mez!

Anonymous said...

Tour jete half and split full are the same skill according to the code, a switch 1/2 will land facing the opposite direction.

The confusion happens between the split full (tour jete 1/2) and switch full.

This video has several examples of the split full and switch full

Anonymous said...

How come Brittany Boffo has an award in her name? Did she have an memorable (unfortunate) mishap??

Mez said...

I think it's a cute surname! It's not about an actual incident involving her. "Boffo" as in... y'know... a bump into something, a blunder, a trip and a thwack.