Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics: Men's All-Around Final

What a coup for men's gymnastics and what an inspiration we have in Josh Jefferis!

Josh blitzed his qualification performance and finished in 19th place.  He was 5th after rotation 2! Team liaison Layne Beachley even called him "best in show"! So 7 years after making our highest ever men's AA performance at a World Championships, he notches our highest Olympic finish too.

I like to think it was the lucky undies. ;)

He's pretty darn stoked about the result, and so he should be!


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking how lonely and weird it must seem being the sole MAG representative for one's country. I imagine it would lack peer motivation but then I wonder if in the end it helps with the nerves.

Whatever the case, well done Josh. You did your country proud. Not too shabby at all.

Anonymous said...

Well done Josh!!

Jason said...

Josh did most of his preparations with Tom Pichler, so he hasn't been completely alone, but yea, it would be harder than being part of a team.

Anonymous said...

Josh is a fantastic role model for the kids in the gym. He did such an amazing job. Proud of you Josh.

Fred said...

Woohoo Joshy! Now, if only we can get to see more than 1 of your routines

Anonymous said...

Channel 9 showed all of his routines, and about 1.5 hours of other routines

Anonymous said...

Proud of you Josh!! 6 hit routines...that's all anyone can ask for. Well done you!

Anonymous said...

Hands up who loves MG!!!
Me, me and lots of other me's out there looking at the likes on Josh's new facebook page and the amount of traffic on GA too.
Thinking of Sam Offord today too ... his dream ended with his injury at the test event in London in January and that is where Josh's journey to becoming an 2012 Olympian started ... all our senior men are fantastic ambassadors for the sport and freely give their time and knowledge to support and guide those coming behind them. Maybe we will see a team in 2016 - let's hope so!!!
Congrats also to the team that have supported Josh over in London - Thomas Pichler - our reserve and his training partner, Sergei Chinkar - personal coach to both, John Curtin - our national coach and all the medical staff as well. Josh also had his family cheering loudly for him - yes we could hear you over the commentators!!!
Hope that GA take advantage of this success and showcase the boys at the MG National Clubs event in Caloundra in September.
It's been so worth all the early mornings - crawling out of my warm bed to watch - and have loved the interaction of fans on FB too!!!