Sunday, February 23, 2014


Wow, how not having a laptop charger messes with your reporting abilities! Sorry folks!

Great news out of the US is that Aussie gymnasts have really flourished after a bumpy start to their campaign.

At the Buckeye Classic shortly after WOGA, The Couch Gymnast reports from results available thus far that Emma Nedov finished a fantastic third on beam, and fourth on bars. Not sure of Jazminne's performance, though I myself had a bit of a baffling time trying to find results sheets from whatever the heck session our girls were in anyway.

(Update: results sheet here!)

And in breaking news from International Gymnast's live coverage out of Oklahoma moments ago, Queensland's Georgia Godwin has won the senior all-around at the Nadia Comaneci international!

A full report will follow in a few hours, including score breakdown. In the meantime, check out this preview featuring some encouraging words from Allana Slater, and have a scroll to view their quick hits. They had some lovely things to say about our delegation, not least of all the eventual AA champion!

Team results were Australia 1, WOGA 2, Romania 3!

Some scores are going up here, but like the Buckeye site initially... a head-scratcher to decipher elite international sessions!

VIDEOS: Courtesy of the Queensland HPC at Facebook, here are our AA winner's bars and beam! And thanks to DoubleFront, here's her floor! And... err... for some reason thanks to IG here she is reassuring Peggy Liddick that she did her job?

Other videos from the event are available if you click through to DF's account. At the moment the only Aussie footage besides Godwin available is Georgia Rose Brown's vault, though more videos will go up in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

results from Buckeye here

Mez said...

THANK YOU! I was getting so bloody frustrated!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Georgia. You are amazing.

Erin said...

Awesome results from the Aussies! Hope the results continue for the next few meets :)

I know this is not relevant to their gymnastics at all (unless some of them are superstitious but my inner fashionista is disappointed they aren't sporting some different leos for a change!

Anonymous said...

were STILL pulling out yurchenko fulls?! Can any of the aussie girls do a DTY

Lovingnan said...
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Lovingnan said...

Here are Jazminne Casis score:
3rd on Uneven Bars
4th on Vault
Congratulation Jazzy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mez, Can we please get some scores from the Nadia Comanici competition. I can't find the juniors or the seniors scores.

Anonymous said...

Definitely in dire need of a new leo. That giant gold octopus design has got to go!!!

Babi Roy said...

Thanks for sharing this great post dude.