Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Little Excitement

Yes, it's that time again!

Our artistic gymnasts are back in camp, this time looking towards Nanning, China (not to be confused with Nanjing, where the Youth Olympics have just merrily wrapped up!) and the 2014 World Championships.

While we await official reports and announcements after Friday's second team trial*, we can confirm today that 2012 Olympian Emily Little has returned to the sport to trial. Says fellow camper Olivia Vivian on twitter today, "She's baaaaaack! [And] Looking great, too!"


Before people get toooooo crazy speculating why certain seniors aren't in this photo Olivia posted today, please do remember there's still a second day to go.

* Correction: This was trial #1. A second trial to determine the team is to be held in the next ten days.


Anonymous said...

Wow look at these champions, how many girls can be selected for worlds? I hope they all go. Its great to see Grace Flood in the mix again, she was such a beautiful gymnast.

Anonymous said...

Any news on the team for worlds?

Mez said...

Nominative lists have just gone up.

Anonymous said...

Go Em! It's great to see girls from 2012 team still training! Can't wait to see her compete again.