Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fine China

Best wishes to our men's and women's teams in their final preparations for China.

Australia's WAGs have had some extra time in training camp at home and depart this evening, while the men have already jetted over and been adapting to all the local excitement alongside the likes of friendly foes Canada.

All the action from Guanxi Gymnasium starts Sept 30 with the men's podium training. Nanning is two hours behind Australian Eastern Time.

The schedule for Australia's competitors (local time) is as follows:

Saturday Oct 4: MAG Qualifying, AUS is in subdivision 6 at 9:00am
Monday Oct 6: WAG Qualifying, AUS is in subdivision 11 at 6:00pm

Tuesday Oct 7: MAG Team Final (7:00pm)
Wednesday Oct 8: WAG Team Final (7:00pm)
Thursday Oct 9: Men's All Around Final (7:00pm)
Friday Oct 10: Women's All Around Final (7:00pm)
Saturday Oct 11: Apparatus Finals Day 1 (1:00pm)
Sunday Oct 12: Apparatus Finals Day 2 (1:00pm)

The All Around blog did a nice preview write-up, including recent scores to give a picture of the power players, here.

I will update as I get more information about available livestreams (I believe USA Gymnastics are streaming their delegation's sessions, however you'll need to look into IP hiders or unblockers to access the coverage).


Anonymous said...

Good luck guys! Enjoy the moment and do us proud!

Anonymous said...

What's our vault line-up going to look like?

Anonymous said...

I've just gotta say, I am so proud of Emma Nedov for sticking with it and being selected for this team. I know her very well and she is a lovely girl, she works hard and after many setbacks her time has finally come. She deserves to be given the opportunity to get out and totally kill it. Good luck to Emma and all of the other girls!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Thank you