Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can Talk. Back on Track.

Right, yes, hello, here I am!

Where to begin?

Congrats to the Aussie quartet who did a clean sweep of their age group's all-around standings at the Pre-Olympic Youth Cup! Georgia-Rose Brown topped the field, followed by Angela Donald, Emma Nedov and Pacific Rim rising star Amelia McGrath. Grace Claringbold managed a commendable 9th. Read a competition report from MLC here and one from here. See a couple of other cracking photos at the VWHPC page here.

Alex Eade
finished 5th overall in the 12-13 age group.

The SE Queensland Senior Regionals and State Team Trials were also on this weekend, and the following observations come from a source on the scene.


Senior International:

The senior all-around competition was won by Larrissa Miller, who competed on all four events for the first time since last year’s state championships, albeit with significantly reduced difficulty on most events and quite a few falls, too. Her vault was tidy layout Yurchenko (she has a nice full-twisting Yurchenko, but her foot won’t allow it yet). On floor she showed an elegant new routine featuring a layout front to layout front-full, layout and 2.5 twist – a far cry from the much more difficult tumbling she did before her injuries. Her beam set was marred by three falls (front aerial, double turn, L turn) and rather a lot of wobbles. It’s a nice routine, though, which can only get better over the next few months. Her bar routine looked good until the stoop-through-half (fall). The Stalder-full at the end didn’t go as planned either, but even so, Miller looked better here than she did a few weeks ago at Pac Rim. It will be interesting to see whether she will be able to pull out a bit more difficulty on all events at states.

Second place went to new QAS recruit Sophie Budack, who showed a good Yurchenko-full, albeit with a deep landing. On bars she only barely hang on to her Jaeger, and her casts seemed rather muscled, but the routine showed some promise. Her beam routine was one of the more stable ones of the evening, the only serious wobbles coming after a punch front and a wolf turn. Her floor routine (double tuck, double twist, layout front to layout front-full, double pike) had good music and nice dance. Budack is definitely one to watch.

The all-around bronze went to Bridget Beattie, who was sporting a brace on her left knee. She vaulted a good layout Yurchenko and hit a nice piked Jaeger on bars before coming off on a blind change. She also counted three falls on beam, including a weird one where she put a foot back after a half turn to feel for the end of the beam, only to lose her balance and fall off. (The other falls came on a back salto and a side aerial.) On floor she showed a slightly overrotated double pike, 1.5 twist to layout front, double full and a double tuck, the latter after a fourteen-second pause in the corner (I kid you not). It wasn’t her best competition, but she’s promising, all right.

The final competitor in the senior competition was Karina Brooks, who vaulted a Yurchenko-full with a very deep landing, then went on to have a nightmare on bars, where she fell on a cast to handstand, hit her feet on the floor after a bail-half, took a scary fall to her back after blanking out on what was probably supposed to be a giant-full, and fell once more on her double pike dismount. The mistakes were all the more unfortunate as Brooks is actually a very good bar worker, with nice technique, great form and good skills (hecht, piked Jaeger). On beam she hit a solid punch front but fell on a back salto, side somi and side aerial. She also landed very low on her double tuck on floor, taking two steps backwards. Despite her many mistakes, though, it was good to see Brooks back in action. Hopefully she’ll fare better at states.


All-around: 1) Miller, 2) Budack, 3) Beattie

Vault: 1) Budack, 2) Beattie, 3) Miller

Bars: 1) Miller, 2) Beattie, 3) Budack

Beam: 1) Budack, 2) Beattie, 3) Miller

Floor: 1) Beattie, 2) Miller, 3) Budack

Peggy Liddick attended the competition and seemed to be in a cheerful mood, chatting with all the IDP girls and cheering for many of them. Chloe Sims was also in attendance and was seen snapping funny pictures of her former coach Sasha Beloousov and chatting at length with Peggy.

Junior International:

Four girls competed in the Junior International competition: Natalia Joura and Katie Wurth (both QAS) and Amaya King-Koi and Shar-lee Clark (both MBC). In the end, the all-around gold went to Amaya King-Koi, who wasn’t faultless but made fewer mistakes than her rivals.

On vault, King-Koi showed a decent layout Yurchenko. Her beam was solid but for a fall on her full turn and a big wobble on her wolf-half. All the acrobatic skills (punch front, ff to tucked back salto, front aerial, side aerial, side somi, double tuck dismount) were stuck, as they usually are; give the girl a few more connections and a little more choreography and she’ll have a very competitive routine. King-Koi also did a good job on floor, where she has a new, Middle-East-inspired routine which is an improvement over the old one (double tuck, 1.5 twist to layout front full, double twist, double pike). Her one great weakness is bars, where she has improved considerably since she transferred to MBC but still shows bad handstands and bent legs on the Jaeger. She also fell on her back on her double front dismount. Still, it was a pretty good competition for King-Koi, who reportedly has a beautiful double Arabian and 2.5 twist in the works on floor.

The silver went to Katie Wurth, who is an elegant gymnast in the grand Queensland tradition, well worth keeping an eye out for. Wurth has beautiful lines and excellent presentation on beam and floor, and her skills aren’t bad either (side aerial to ff, front aerial to sheep jump, side somi on beam; double pike, 1.5 twist to layout front, double twist, 2.5 twist, all hit). Sadly, she fell on an Onodi (the only one in the competition) on beam, but it was a beautiful routine nonetheless. Her bars need a bit of work. She had loose legs on quite a few handstands, and the double tuck dismount will have to be upgraded. Nice Delchev, though. She vaulted a somewhat piked Yurchenko-full.

Natalia Joura placed third. Having started with a good layout Yurchenko, Joura Jr moved on to bars, where she had a bit of trouble holding her handstands and only just hung on to her Jaeger (after having missed it by about half a metre in warm-up). She probably showed the hardest beam routine in the competition, with several valuable connections: punch front to sheep jump; side aerial to tucked back salto (fall); front aerial to tucked back salto; side somi; change-leg leap to full-twisting change leg. Her floor exercise sadly came with a couple of falls (double tuck, 2.5 twist). Her style is very reminiscent of her elder sister’s, which is obviously a good thing. Here’s hoping she will hit all her routines at states.

Shar-lee Clark, who didn’t compete floor, finished fourth. She vaulted a rather tucked Yurchenko and on bars suffered a fall on her second toe-shoot to the high bar and a near-fall on her full-out dismount. She hit her Jaeger, though, and generally had very good form, but for a leg separation on the bail-half. Unfortunately, beam was a splatfest for Clark, who fell on a front aerial, ff-layout step-out and side aerial and missed the connection on her normally solid change-leg to gainer layout step-out. It’s a pity she didn’t get to show her floor exercise, as she is a nice floor worker.


All-around: 1) King-Koi, 2) Wurth, 3) Joura

Vault: 1) Wurth, 2) Joura, 3) King-Koi

Bars: 1) Joura, 2) Wurth, 3) Clark

Beam: 1) King-Koi, 2) Joura, 3) Wurth

Floor: 1) King-Koi, 2) Wurth, 3) Joura

IDP Level 10:

The IDP 10 competition belonged to MBC’s twelve-year-old Georgia Godwin, who proved that her success at last year’s national clubs was no fluke by taking the all-around gold as well as all four apparatus titles. Godwin vaulted a good Yurchenko-full (a little piked) and showed good form on bars, although she was frequently short of handstands and had a rather late turn on her giant-full. Her beam routine was marred by falls on the side aerial and side somi, but she did show a nice punch front and confident leaps. She also performed the most difficult floor exercise of the day: double tuck, layout front full to front 1.5 twist, 2.5 twist, double pike. What with a double layout, piked full-in and double Arabian in the works, Godwin will be a major contender for a floor position in a few years.

Yasmin Budack (QAS) came second. She vaulted a Yurchenko-half with a bad landing and had a lot of trouble on bars, where she fell twice on a front giant, finished her transition in a dead hang and generally suffered poor leg form. She did better on beam (fall on punch front, wobble on side aerial) and floor (fall on double tuck, bent legs on double twist), where she showed some nice work.

Tianye Boorman placed third. Boorman had a difficult competition. Her bar routine was characterised by a fall on a clear hip to handstand and dead hangs on her transitions. She also had two falls on beam (the first one on a punch front, on which she initially balked, and the second one on a side aerial). She did, however, show the most interesting mount of the competition: a press to handstand, lower down to shoulder stand into an Eremia-like pose. On floor she showed a double tuck (fall), 1.5 twist to punch front and 2.5 twist to techno music.

Brittany Boffo only competed bars, where she had serious problems on a toe-shoot and fell on a giant-full. Brittany George didn’t compete at all, having injured her elbow. MBC’s Brianna Wong didn’t compete either.


All-around: 1) Godwin, 2) Budack, 3) Boorman

Vault: 1) Godwin, 2) Budack, 3) Boorman

Bars: 1) Godwin, 2) Boffo, 3) Boorman

Beam: 1) Godwin, 2) Budack, 3) Boorman

Floor: 1) Godwin, 2) Boorman, 3) Budack


And, further to the vault video I posted the other day, check out Olivia Vivian competing on all four events at the OSU team instrasquad event.

Phew! What a weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

Wasn't Katie Wurth originally from South Australia before moving to AIS?

Anyone know a little history here?

Anonymous said...

Katie was from NSW, went to the AIS, then moved to QAS.

So who qualified to nationals? Sounds like all these girls were very unprepared, but this is the only trial for them. I am almost scared to look at their e-scores!

Anonymous said...

Great update Mez - thanks also to the source who provided it. Have you got anyone in NSW?

Anonymous said...

Weird that they only had one trial before the cut off date. To the person who is worried about looking at e scores - you won't need to, Gym Queensland hardly ever show the D & E scores separately - they just give a total score.

Anonymous said...

I didn't catch all of the scores, but many of them were quite low. Many of the beam routines scored less than 10.

Anonymous said...

It appears as though all senoirs except Sophie Budack fell three times on beam.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about the NSW State Trial?

Anonymous said...

It's so good to see Mary Anne back. Great gymnast.
Lots of IDP 8 competition. Jasmine from AIS is amazing. Epping YMCA girls also looking great

Anonymous said...

Did MAM compete anything other than bars? Did Celeste compete?

Anonymous said...

What did Mary Anne compete?

Anonymous said...

She did bars, beam and vault

Anonymous said...

thanks, awesome! hopefully she will be at nationals.

Anonymous said...

What did Mary Anne do on vault and beam? Anything new on bars?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:25PM, as far as I know all the IDP girls who competed at the SEQ regionals will be at nationals. The trial bit was more for the national levels girls.

Anonymous said...

I was at the QLD competition over the weekend and have a few little tid bits to share.
On Saturday evening I was sitting in ears shot of the Sofie Budacks Mum and overheard her saying that Sofie Budack had pneumonia and had had a couple of days off in the lead up to the competition but was desperate to compete. Whilst I did notice her coughing throughout the competition she had an extremely solid competition. Her tumbling was sky high (although slightly downgraded from her Nationals comp) and her vault was extremely powerful. This girl is a beast and definitely one to watch. I cannot wait to see her when all cylinders are firing.
Larissa Miller competed all apparatus. Her lines on all apparatus were just beautiful and her floor routine was very nice. The senior competition is going to be fantastic at States if all girls can hit their routines.
Katie Wurth is another one to watch. She has a jam packed beam and her long legs give her beautiful lines. I also liked her floor.
All gymnasts did a great job. Congratulations to all that competed!

Anonymous said...

NSW: Celeste didnt compete, she has an injury; Jasmine from AIS is the best IDP 8 with final pass being double pike. IDP 6 is nothing to fancy at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use the term 'beast' to describe Sophie, even though I know you meant it in a good way. I am glad she is getting some fans because she is all kinds of awesome. She is powerful but also has great artistry and presentation. I loved this routine of hers which I think is from last years nationals:

If she can have her double twisting yurchenko by worlds and solid floor and beam she might have a chance for the team I think.

Anonymous said...

where is naomi lee?

Anonymous said...

Olivia looks good. WA L10 team will be hard to beat - Jade, Kayleigh, Olivia plus Nicole (top 4 L10 last year) and Elouise (top 4 L9 last year). WA elite trials this coming weekend.Does anyone think Olivia will make an elite comeback after nationals?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the timetable for this weekend's WA state WAG trials?

Anonymous said...

Workplan is on their website
and is being held at WAIS

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me to see Olivia make a run for London 2012 since she will be finishing with NCAA in the April of that year but there is no point in her returning to elite this soon. For one, to compete in a meet like worlds she would need to be competing elite at nationals.

Anonymous said...

From the GWA website (a bit hard to find though)

Olivia comeback elite? Why not I guess. She has been training all this time after all.

Anonymous said...

lol too slow

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to States for QLD in a few weeks :) Will be there


Step It Up: said...

Was hoping to go watch QLD States and try to get some tidbits for you all but there is an International Cheer comp on at the Gold Coast that my team is entering so fingers crossed to all the QLD girls, hope you all have a fantastic comp and show them QLD gymnasts (just like Skinner, Sims, Nomes, Bambi & Hayley Wright) are AWESOME!