Friday, May 28, 2010

Pre-Olympic Youth Cup: Early Report

Via the VWHPC site.

Georgia-Rose Brown joins Amelia McGrath, Angela Donald and Emma-Jane Nedov on the Australian National Team; Alexandra Eade and Grace Claringbold will represent the Victorian Women's High Performance Centre.

We have arrived safely in Germany. The flight was long but the girls coped really well. We have arrived in our little town, I feel like we are in the country. There are so many lovely green trees and it is really quiet with lovely birds singing. It was raining when we arrived yesterday, and they told us we had bought the rain with us. The drive from the airport was around 40 minutes. The place we are staying is like being on a university campus. The training gym, competition gym and our accommodation place are all in building pretty much next to each other.

The girls are in a room together, which is not too bad, they have single beds with a small shower, bathroom, and the rooms have a small TV in them. They have internet connection, which I have just got up and running. It is about 6.30 in the morning here.

After arriving we had some lunch, the girls rested for an hour or so, then we went straight to training. The training gym is pretty good, and the girls got to touch the apparatus and mainly have a good strength and stretching session, and pretty much try to wake the bodies up. Alex, Grace and Georgia did a good job, after such a long flight.

Good luck for the competition, ladies! Enjoy the experience!


Read a further training report here. All signs looking good so far!


shelley said...

MLC have Day 1 and Day 2 reports up

Love the photos of Tracy, John and Micha trying out the Vibromachines!

Nik said...

Hahaha My grandma had one of those vibromachines in the 80s to 'reduce the cellulite'! She used it everyday... it didn't really work but she thought it did i guess. Too funny

pittsburgh gymnastics said...

I have heard lots of about Georgia-Rose Brown. Georgia-Rose said she started gymnastics at the age of five after seeing her brother taking part in the sport.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about QLD State Trial?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to watch NSW State Trial II tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

yes QLD news please!

Anonymous said...

QLD NEWS!! Hot off the press :)

Jnr Int AA:
1st - Amaya King Koi (MBC)
2nd - Katie Wurth (Lawnton)
3rd - Natalia Joura (Lawnton)
4th - Shar Lee Clark (MBC)

Snt Int AA:
1st - Larissa Miller (MBC)
2nd - Sophie Budack (Delta SHS)
3rd - Bridget Beattie (Spring Hill)
4th - Karina Brooks (Spring Hill)

I am heading off to bed now, and will write back tomorrow with more details. In the mean time here are some tidbits to tide you over:

- Peggy Liddick was there watching the Int girls
- UB and BB a total splatfest! Only a couple of girls on each apparatus hit their routines. Many girls fell off more than once.

I'll write back tomorrow with the rest of the details :)

Anonymous said...

Results for the 12/13 age group:

Alex Eade in 5th.

Liz said...

The 14 and 15 year old Aussie girls came in 1/2/3/4 th! Awesome job, despite some falls on bars, especially on beam. They owned the podium ;)

kaktus said...

Results for the 14/15 age group:

Anonymous said...

Georgia - 1st on vault
Angela - 1st on bars
Emma Jane 1st on beam
Amelia 1st on floor

awesome Aussies

Anonymous said...

Good effort to have 3 beam scores over 14! Need work on vault though, and bars.

Mez said...

I have detailed reports from a source at QLD trials. Please stay tuned and I will get them up soon.

Anonymous said...

QLD results are halfway up these comments :)