Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOLgymnasts: Pacific Rim Edition

It's baaa-aaaack.

Photos courtesy of the ever-nifty Nade who did a cracking job of capturing this competition.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I have missed lolgymnasts!

Anonymous said...

Is there a point to the strange, somewhat childish grammar in the captions? I'm not objecting, just wondering if it has a purpose/context/origin that I've missed?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:40pm... it's all tongue-in-cheek. Google 'I can haz cheezeburgers', 'LOLcats' or 'Failblog' and you'll get an impression of the style Mez is going for here.

You never fail to crack me up with these hon :)


Anonymous said...

Workorder for Vics is up

Looks to be a good comp. registered girls:


Naomi Russell
Britt Greeley
Fiona Coley
Ashleigh Brennan
Chloe Turko
Georgia Wheeler
Emma Dennis
Shona Morgan
Georgia Bonora
Madeline Green

Laura Hingston
Georgia Rose Brown
Svetlana Sanders
Tierra Exum
Ebonie Boucher
Isis Lowery
Alex Eade
Grace Claringbold
Grace Flood
Madeleine Leydin
Rachael Boyd
Angela Donald
Emma Collister
Rachel Collister
Amelia McGrath
Kristina Ostojic
Isobel Looker
Clare O'Donnell

Anonymous said...

Vic Trial 2 is on Saturday too, and 1/2 our 2008 Olympic team are competing. Pretty amazing when you think about it. 5/6 are still competing 2 years on, and Olivia is still competing overseas. After Athens Monette was the only survivor, and even she only lasted 1 year. It's great to see them stick around.

Mez said...

That's a very positive outlook, Anon 2:02!

Best of all, some are looking towards their SECOND Olympics!

Anonymous said...

NBC are broadcasting a 90 minute special of Pac Rim highlights at 1.30 US Eastern Time on 22 May. Will we be able to see this online does anyone know?

Froggy said...

I can tell you that there is NO footage of the Russians, and VERY limited footage of the Canadians on the NBC footage. They covered the USA and China comprehensivley, and a fair bit of the Australians .... basically because they were forced to if they wanted any footage at all. Hope it turns out OK