Monday, June 21, 2010

The Road to Nationals: Western Australia

I hope those of you who ordered WAIS Fliers books get a nice package in the post this week, as I did today! It is an amazing (not to mention hefty!) book, chock full of fun, quirky, intimate, engaging photographs of WA gymnasts at work and play. And to top it all off, the inside was lovingly signed by the author as well as AGB's Super Ultimate Best Friend Liz Chetkovich.

Now, speaking of gymnastics folk out west, check out the following nuggets of news and information about the State Championships.

ChimGym Blog
Gymnastics Australia's wrap-up
Gymnastics WA's results site.

Don't forget to tune in to Channel 10 tomorrow morning at 7:30 AEST to catch Totally Wild at the Victorian Women's High Performance Centre!


Anonymous said...

The book was enjoyable to look at but for the price I didn't think it was very professionally done. A lot of the photos were a little out of focus or blown up too big showing the grain.
Also it is a shame they didn't leave any gutter allowance because that gorgeous pic of dasha in a split was spoiled. Also it is a fundamental of photography that you never ever stretch pictures so they are out of proportion like chungs sheep jump. Still a very nice idea and it will be nice look back on. Love the pic of Georgia simpson, anyone know how she is doing?

Anonymous said...

On another the pacific rim broadcast still scheduled to air this friday night?

Anonymous said...

According to my electronic program guide yesterday the Pacific Rim was still scheduled for Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm on One.

Anonymous said...

With regards to State Champs in Perth, Well done to Elloise Valli for her AMAZING floor! You ROCKED!She soooo deserved the Beth Simpson Artistry award.Well done to Nicole Smith for her State Champ title! For someone who will be 21 this year you are AWESOME! WA
will be hard to beat in National level 10.Go girls!

Anonymous said...

Goergia Simpson is still training.
Sadly she had a hamstring injury, just before Pac Rim trials I understand.Which was a shame as from a spectators view she looked lovely.