Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nats With a Vengeance

Right, yes, hello! *drops spanner, wipes forehead*

The lights are back on in the AGB batcave and everything's beeping and booping again.

GA has a wrap-up of the women's National Levels Championships here (with full results available here). Looks like Victoria and Queensland were the big guns this year. Congratulations to all the winners (in particular our favourite ranga - Olivia Vivian!) Am quite chuffed to also see recent interviewee Tayla Dinuccio get some hardware too. There are some great photos going up at Facebook courtesy of GA's page and those of the various state associations, so check those out as you fiddle with Farmville.

(photo courtesy of Gymnastics Victoria at Facebook)

They also have a form guide on the men's event here.

See photos by the official event photographer - Kangaroo Photos - here.

AGB has Perth agents on site over the next few days, so in addition to monitoring the aforementioned pages, keep popping by the batcave for tales, tidbits and toasted sandwiches.

And don't forget you can contribute any of your own findings to


Anonymous said...

How awesome are the Vic 10 chicks!
1st team, 1st bars, 1st floor, 1st vault PLUS 2nd and 3rd AA and a multitude of other places.

Well done girls!

Anonymous said...

any podium training news??? whos looking good ect.

Anonymous said...

Well seems Emma Collister aint there go her Youth Olympics chances

Anonymous said...

How are the QLD girls looking?

Anonymous said...

GA just posted an article but its a whole lot of hot air really, there isn't any new or exciting info at all. Says Bonora favourite, followed by Morgan and then Brennan, Dennis Wheeler, Monckton in mix.

For juniors Peggy singles out Angela, Georgia Rose and Emma Nedov.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the floor routine of the girl - Olivia - who won the artistry award? What level was she in?

Anonymous said...

I think Olivia, Level 9 from Tassie won the artistry award.