Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Other Sports Weekend Wrap-Up

A few news nuggets have popped out of the frypan of other sports this week.

Australia has named its 2010 Commonwealth Games diving team.

Congratulations to...

*Alexandra Croak
* Briony Cole
* Melissa Wu
* Sharleen Stratton
* Olivia Wright
* Jaele Patrick
* Anebelle Smith

* Matthew Mitcham
* Ethan Warren
* Scott Robertson
* James Connor
* Grant Nel

(more information can be found here)

Australia currently has a team at the World Championships and World Age Games for acrobatics. News over the weekend was that Australia's 11-16 age group women's trio placed 8th/27 teams at the Age Games. Well done, ladies!


Anonymous said...

Ooh Livvy Wright! Good on her- she was a level 10 acrobat years ago, seems she's developed into an awesome diver!

Anonymous said...

4 of the 5 Victorian Divers selected are ex Ringwood Diving Club divers!

Go Guys!

Anonymous said...

Key word ex

Anonymous said...

nasty! Well we're proud of them anyway!

Anonymous said...

Jaele was also a Gymnast and sports Acro at Lilydale.
All the girls have worked very hard for a long time for this....