Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 World Championships Preamble

Our thoughts and good wishes go with the Aussie teams departing for Tokyo today.

So here's where AGB starts cranking into overdrive. Caffeinated beverages and aviator hat at the ready! There are a number of ways to follow the team's progress, so I hope you have a pen handy...

1. Right here. Or at my Twitter account. I'll be updating as time and resources permit, and welcome your contributions in the comments. That said, I will be firmly moderating discussions, so be advised that your inappropriate comment may be deleted. I can't stress this enough: I'm all for open-mindedness, but if you wish to use colourful or discriminatory language, or have something not backed up by an official gymnastics source, please PLEASE take it elsewhere. Having to break up fights really brings down the tone of the site.

I hope to have the kind of as-it-happens excitement we had during the last two World Championships. It was fun, and it was great to see so many supporters of Aussie gym showing their spirit. Here's hoping we get the kind of results to cheer and type in capitals about!

2. Gymnastics Australia who will be working their hardest to outdo the likes of British Gymnastics with frequent social media updates (jussayin'. GB are a hard act to follow!) so check out
- Their homepage
- Their Twitter
- Their Facebook page

3. Officials and On-The-Scene
- OFFICIAL Tokyo 2011 Event Page
- OFFICIAL FIG Tokyo Event Page
- International Gymnast (usually updates live)
- Gymnastike
- The All Around (usually updates live)
- VWHPC Facebook Page

4. Blogosphere
- The Couch Gymnast
- The Gymnastics Examiner (usually updates live)
- Full Twist
- Universal Sports

Got all that? Great! I hope you'll be having 200 tabs open at any one time, like me!

Now, with regard to livestreaming sources, we can consider any of the following sites dutifully suggested by other gymfans:

Sportv 2:
or anywhere that can give us a non-geoblocked BBC or Universal Sports stream... but I'll keep you posted.

Just to get you that bit more excited, here's a thing.


Anonymous said...

Go Loz!!! And the entire Aussie team!!! Backing you all the way.
Can't wait for Worlds to begin :)
I sure hope we get some decent media coverage.

Mez said...

"What starts with 'Come here' and ends in 'Oww'?"

Just had my first troll casualty of the Worlds period.

Their comment has been deleted because they were obviously spoiling for a fight.

I wasn't kidding, guys. Don't try and start arguments for the sake of starting arguments. It's utterly, utterly counterproductive and makes me want to hit you quite hard.

Anonymous said...

Keep the editing up, Mez....we are just not interested in negativity during such an important and nail biting time in Aussie gymnastics!!!!

Never forget that the parents, families (and sometimes coaches) of many of the athletes have a look at these pages. They need positivity and good energy at times like this..

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mez! I feel happier knowing this and definitely more comfortable sharing any info I get!