Monday, September 12, 2011

Strewth, Youth!

Sorry to have been conspicuously absent over the weekend, dear readers.

A driving test won't practise for itself, work shopping doesn't do itself (and it'll be cold day in hell before a roast lunch prepares itself).

Some great results coming out of the Commonwealth Youth Games, as Australia claims hardware in all three colours!

According to a GA update, we ended the competition with...

Individual All Around Placings: 12th (Declan Stacey), 14th (Kent Pieterse), 5th (Emma Nedov), 9th (Maddie Leydin)
Bronze - Australia WAG team, Australia MAG team
Silver - Rings (Tyson Bull)
GOOOLLLLDDDDD!!!! - Beam (Emma Nedov), Men's floor (Declan Stacey)

GA has some cracking photos up at Facebook.

For full results, head to the Isle of Man Commonwealth Youth Games website (link posted in my previous post).

Congrats to the Aussie delegation who battled a long trip and niggling injuries to do us proud on the international stage.


Anonymous said...

Great job to the boys!

Anonymous said...

Well done Emma, fantastic result!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic result for the boys :) they have had a fantastic few months. Let's hope it carries forward to worlds!!!

Anonymous said...

emma nedov has amazing beam, so glad she won! they all did so well

Pasha said...

emma has wonderful game and what a great performance here.I do admire and congratulate to the winners.
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