Monday, September 19, 2011

NCAA Aussie Round-Up

In all the excitement of Worlds team announcements, we can't forget that another batch of Aussies have been making us proud across the pond, and will continue to do so in 2012.

Soon-to-be Oregon State senior (!) Olivia Vivian celebrated All-American honours for her bars work last season, and has had some pre-2012 season fun with her team on a rafting trip.

Shona Morgan was given All-American academic honours (!!) over at Stanford and had fun on Play Day.

And, after a long period of injury, Monique Blount has been made a captain(!!!) for the upcoming season over at George Washington University.
Onya girls. Australia is so proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Anyone heard anything about the camp?

Anonymous said...

No sign of Georgia Godwin in the japan junior results. Maybe she didn't compete? Jazmine Cassis goes through to finals in all events from what I can work out due to the 2 per country rule; 2 USA, 2 Japan, 2 Canada, 1 Korea and jazmine. Assuming they have finals when basically everyone goes through.

Anonymous said...

Link to results;

Anonymous said...

Some videos of Japan Junior appearing here:

Anonymous said...

To the person who filmed at Trials -- will you still be able to put those up for us? Dying to see the girls in their most recent form!