Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Go You Big Red Fire Engine: Destination London

Lots to talk about today, folks! Time's ticking away!

1. The latest episode of Tom and Josh's web series is up. They now have a desk and mugs, so I think they're going for an "In London Tonight" pitch. Watch out, Roy and HG!

If you've missed any instalments so far, check them out at Tom's channel.

2. Thanks to Brindabella for capturing this profile piece on Emily Little (click on image to expand). She's all smiles.

3. Yes, fire up the sirens and lights, it's back once more!

 Over the next 10 days, show your support for the Australian gymnastics delegation by taking a photo of yourself and/or friends (two-legged or four-legged!) holding a sign that says "Go You Big Red Fire Engine" which I will proudly post here and then forward on to our gymnastics support team in London. The more we get, the bigger the love!

Email photo files to ozgymblog@gmail.com or tweet them to twitter.com/ozgymblog along with your city/state/country. Only include your name if you are comfortable with that. Any messages of support you include will happily be included along with your photo. Most of all, be sure to smile!

Previous years have had some really clever, touching contributions and very nifty signs. So show your true colours (green, gold and red!) as London draws ever closer.

And if you needed a bit more convincing, don't forget the endorsement from Gordon Street's most famous resident, and the man who popularised the phrase.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Go Adam! Good find Mez

Anonymous said...

Bonn voyage to our gorgeous team leaving today!

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why parents dont have acsess to ideal testing result and ranking of there daughters.

Mez said...

Please direct your query to GA, a club or a coach.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mez, do you recommend someone at GA who can give me this information?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Ideal Testing Results.

In my experience Jo Richards regards the ideal skills testing program as a partnership between the gymnast/coach/club management/family.

The club should be have a parent/gymnast/coach meeting to review the results of your child's testing, planning should then take place to move on to facilitate further progress.

Give your club an opportunity to have a meeting with you, if this is not offered, then contact your IDP State Coordinator via your state association office who should be able to assist you in getting further support with your queries.

I have known Jo to have individual meetings with parents in extreme cases of lack of communication.

Mez said...

Well you could start here: http://www.gymnastics.org.au/?ID=19442 and then I'd guess use GA's contact information to make a general enquiry to their admin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, i have asked my club on numerous occasions to give me this information.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:47pm

who is the IDP state Coordinator & i have never heard of the state association office..Sorry. Can i please have more info Please?

Anonymous said...

July 18, 2012 4:09 PM

Go to the Gymnastics Australia website, the contact/link for the various state associations are there under "Association Members" and contact your state via their contact details.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.