Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics: Women's Preliminaries

Tonight, the Australian women take to the floor (literally, it's their first event!) to better their 6th place finish from Beijing.

Lauren, Ash, Georgia, Emily and Larrissa are set to shine in subdivision 2.

A start list is here.

Foxtel will be broadcasting prelims live from 6:25pm AEST on London3.

International Gymnast, GA, The Gymn Examiner and Gymnastike to name but a few will be livetweeting preliminary competition throughout the night.

Gym Examiner quick hits here.

Foxtel coverage kicked off with the revelation Lauren Mitchell had sustained an abdominal injury but it's been treated, and they are confident for Australia's competition round.


Quotes from Mitchell in this article and also here.

"I have to take a step back and just reassess everything," she said when asked if she felt the pressure going into competition.

"I spoke to the psychologist the last couple of days and that's really helped.

"I think I took on a bit too much pressure from the rest of Australia to take it to that next level."


Anonymous said...

Keeping everything crossed for Team Aus.

Anonymous said...

Good luck girls. Do your best, we love you

Anonymous said...

You've put the work in, we know you will do your best. Whatever happens you are all incredible athletes. All us Aussies are in awe of your courage. Doubt that any of us could do what you do under such pressure....we salute you!

Anonymous said...

Coverage has started on Foxtel

It has been revealed that Lauren has a Strained/puled muscle in her abdomen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for update! Seems pretty obvious that something's been going on with her. At least we know what now.

Anonymous said...

Going to be wearing my grips tonight in support of the girls :) Good luck girls!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this will. You can get any sport live.

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog infuriate me. You all have no idea what it is like to compete for your country, let alone at an olympic games. As a high level gymnast I can empathise with our girls and what they must be feeling.
The absolute disappointment at the thought f having let down your county is made about 10 times worse when you see people criticise your every move.
I understand that some of you gave legitimate knowledge and understanding of the sport, but the parents who come on here to complain about something they have no idea about makes me really angry.
I know I can't ask you to stop the bitchiness, because so few will do so, but of you could at least think about how your daughter would feel of she read crap about her on the Internet written by bloggers of below average intelligence.
Yes they're elite athletes, no it doesn't give you the right to anonymously shit can them.

Anonymous said...

I was so mad autocorrect made me we bitch.
And about 5 *if

Anonymous said...

Until we stop molly coddling these adult gymnasts, we will never be competitive. All Aussie athletes are scrutinised, as they should be. Why do people always have kittens if anyone dares say something negative about a female gymnast?

If we applaud they abysmal performance, what motivation are we giving them?