Saturday, March 29, 2008

PacRim News and Notes: Edition 4


I never thought I'd say it but for once, Thank God for Inside Gymnastics Magazine. Where they usually go Liukin-and-Johnson crazy, they've put up some photos of international(!) WAGs training at the competition in San Jose. So it's all starting to look slightly less like a USA intra-squad!

Many thanks and giant kudos to Canada-based Grace Chiu for her (as usual) gorgeous photography.

Russia (NOT Mustafina as once thought?)

Unidentified Flying Chinese Beauty

Our own Lauren Mitchell!


northernriver said...

Hi Mez,
IG2 must've stuffed up AGAIN--so far as I know Aliya Mustafina didn't go to PAC...that must be Myzrdrikova or somebody else.

mistysakura said...

I'm thinking that's Nailia, Aliya's sister.

northernriver said...

Ooh yeah, you're right. damn...