Monday, March 31, 2008

PacRim: Post Scriptum

Juniors are currently competing in event finals. I'll be in class by the time seniors start, I think. Damn.

Anyway, photos from the Senior women's team/AA round are up at the USAG site (of Ashleigh and... Emily? I don't really know the new juniors by face) and at Yahoo AND at Inside Gymnastics. Well, strictly speaking there's only ONE at Yahoo and it's of Dasha:

(thanks to special agent Kellie for pointing it out) and videos from a very generous fan in the arena are up too. You can forgive the quality knowing that they did it under threat of ejection from the arena as they have big stern warnings against filming on the event website. Yeesh, Dasha's back layout-stepout series is ALWAYS such a nail-biter! Hope she gets it down pat by Beijing, it will make or break and all-around ranking for her.
No word on Senior Event Finals qualifiers yet but *fingers crossed* Dasha and/or Ashleigh made it in for floor and beam, and surely Dasha can have a crack at a bars medal too.

ETA: Huraaaaaay! Philippe won high bar! Dasha scored a silver on floor (again sans double layout) and by all accounts, Lauren kinda got an 'imaginary' bronze on bars (after two girls tied for 2nd and she came 4th). Jana Bieger got some serious gifts from the judges, she consistently scored higher than Dasha AGAIN with her untidy form. *frowny face*


Anonymous said...

Ok this is going to be mean but I would like to know if anyone agrees that Samantha Shapiro looks like a cro magnum woman (like the prehistoric humans)?? She has a pretruding brow and all.
However, I do like her gymnastics- unlike most Americans she actually has poice and nice lines but her facial expressions in photos are a little odd.

Mez said...


I rather like Sam's gymnastics, she's impressive for such a young lady. I know she has prominent features but I probably wouldn't go that far...