Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things to Keep Your Eye On

1. FIG's photo page of WAG podium training at the World Cup Final. It will be updated as the sessions go on... I hope.

2. Melbourne-raised "Angel" Wong of Hong Kong, the first gymnast from Hong Kong to qualify for a World Cup Final, who'll be competing on vault in Madrid. She appears confident, articulate and, let's face it, just plain luvverly, in this video, about four minutes in. You can see some of her gymnastics in this video. She's no Alicia Sacramone but for an 'unknown' gymnast from a non-powerhouse country, it's a good effort.


Nik said...

Triplefull blog is reporting that there will be live internet coverage.
See here:

Anonymous said...

If she is 'Melb raised' did she start gymnastics in Melb? Or perhaps just was born here but moved away at a young age?

Perhaps she could be eligible to compete for Aust?!

Anonymous said...

I don't think she'd make the team. At the Asian games her aa score was between 50 and 51 - that's only about 12.5 on each event.