Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hiatus Here I Come!

Hi everyone.

I'm going away for a week over Christmas and, seeing as the elite season proper has come to a close with the World Cup Final completed, I find it only fitting that I bid you adieu from now until the new year.

If there is something unbelievably magnanimous concerning the gymnastics world that arises, then by all means I'll get myself access to a computer where I'm staying and try to give my two cents worth. Otherwise, there isn't a great deal to talk about so why waste the broadband usage? Mind you, I will be back to announce the winners of the Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards (on which you can still vote until well after Christmas so PLEASE DO!) on December 30th so you'd best stay tuned for that.

So now to the formalities -

I thank everyone who has contributed to the blog this year, in comments or articles or news or links. I am grateful for any and all feedback I have received and am most touched by the gestures offered by gymnasts and gym families who have allowed me to share some of their special experiences with you all. In less than a year I have gained insight into the gymnastics world from coaches, choreographers, gym journalists, gym mums and Olympians (or "gym-lympians"). This kind of insight, I am sure, would never have come my way had I not decided to simply start this old thing on January 1. I'd like to think I'm a better gym fan for it. You've helped the blog along, from drooling, stumbling cyber-infant with food all over its face to stealthier, more confident and more substantial web-kindergartener, who might still get food on its face but who can at least stand up, wipe it off and fling it at you.

To the readers who tell me that they enjoy reading, that I make them laugh, that I am a good news resource - thanks. It means the world to me to get positive feedback, when I at first thought this space wasn't anything special. I live to make people enjoy themselves and to be informed in all that they do; I hope this blog serves a fraction of that purpose. To get comments from readers overseas and interstate is pretty damn cool too.

Finally, to the great exponents of the sport in this country - to our gymnasts. Thank you for the joy you give us in your performances. For giving us theatre, fashion and athleticism in one daring spectacle. For flying the flag, for not giving in, for showing us what hard work brings - all fans thankyou. We wish you a safe and happy gymnastics journey through 2009 and beyond.

So that's it from me for now.

I hope you all have an enjoyable festive season, may you and your families stay happy and healthy. Go You Big Red Fire Engine, etc.

Hold on to your trouserlegs, wombats, 'cause here comes 2009!!!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. Enjoy your break. Thanks for your blog and yes, l will be reading it in 2009

Hannah said...

Thanks so much for keeping your blog awesome for the whole year. Your wit keeps me coming back for more every time! I appreciate the inside info you can get your hands on, and thank you for updating so regularly. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Mez!

Anonymous said...

Have a great break Mez...you blog has been fabulous! :)

Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

Thjanks for the Blog, Mez. Have a good break, and be sure to come back in '09.


nade00 said...

Thanks from me too. I read it every day now and really enjoy having a place online exclusively about the Aussies. And yes, it is funny too! I know you have a very strong following here and it is well deserved.

May our number 1 team be successful in 2009! (Fingers crossed for lots of funding from the ASC)!