Sunday, November 30, 2008

2008 Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards!

Well, it's that time of the year, folks. December is upon us and it is here that we begin to reflect on the year in gymnastics and this here blog.

I present to you the inaugral Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards, aka the AGBys (pron. "Agg-bee"). I know, I know, the name doesn't quite work. If you can think of an alternative, feel free to send it my way.

****You may nominate one favourite in each category, and email your nominations to by December 28th with "Awards 2008" as your subject header. You may vote anonymously but please only vote for ONE nominee in each category (choosing only from the names in that category, no open-ended "other" responses will be accepted) and only vote once. Your details will not be passed on to any correspondents or used for advertising purposes. It's just easier than commenting, really. Results will be tabulated throughout this month and posted on the 30th of December.****

Without further ado, let me present this year's nominees:

1. Female Gymnast of the Year
* Daria Joura, WA
* Lauren Mitchell, WA
* Ashleigh Brennan, VIC
* Georgia Bonora, VIC
* Shona Morgan, VIC
* Emma Dennis, VIC
* Amber Fulljames, QLD
* Emily Little, WA
* Britt Greely, VIC
* Olivia Vivian WA
* Melanie Jones, VIC

2. Male Gymnast of the Year
* Philippe Rizzo, NSW
* Josh Jefferis, QLD
* Sam Simpson, QLD
* Prashanth Sellathurai, NSW
* Matthew Curtis (QLD?)
* Sam Offord, SA
* Thomas Pichler, QLD
* Luke Wiwatowski, NSW

3. Australian Artistic Gymnastics Team of the Year
* Beijing Olympics WAG Team
* Massilia WAG Team
* DTB Cup Delegation - MAG and WAG
* Pacfic Rim Championships WAG Team
* Ostrava Cup MAG Pair
* Friendship Classic WAG Pair

4. Coach of the Year
* Peggy Liddick
* Sergei Chinkar
* Martine George
* Mischa Barabach
* Tracey Penaluna
* John Hart

5. Routine of the Year
* Daria Joura, Floor, National Championships Team Final
* Lauren Mitchell, Beam, Olympics Team Final
* Shona Morgan, Beam, Olympics Team Qualification
* Ashleigh Brennan, Beam, WOGA Classic
* Prashanth Sellathurai, Pommel Horse, Doha World Cup Event Final
* Philippe Rizzo, High Bar, National Apparatus Challenge

6. "Smile" Moment of the Year
* Lauren Mitchell's photo with beam, Olympics Team Final
* Olivia Vivian's thumbs-up, Olympics Team Qualification
* Philippe Rizzo's dismount joy, National Apparatus Challenge
* WAG Team huddle, Pacific Rim Championships
* Amber Fulljames and Martine George handshake, National Apparatus Challenge

7. "Sad" Moment of the Year
* Daria Joura injury, Olympics Team Qualification
* Chloe Sims retirement and ensuing article/s
* Hollie Dykes retirement
* Lauren Mitchell falls, Olympics Team Qualification
* Monique Cowan retirement article
* Naomi Russell injury, National Championships Team Final

8. Surprise of the Year
* Australian supplement, International Gymnast Magazine
* Chloe Sims' Utah signing
* Waverley WAG Olympic all-around debut
* Dasha Joura's unstoppable double-layout
* MyHeroes gymnastics merchandise program
* Allana Slater takes up shooting

9. Sarah Clappers Award for Team Encouragement
(Let's face it - it's a pretty awesome name to have)
* Georgia Bonora
* Olivia Vivian
* Martine George
* Tain Molendijk

10. Simon Reeve Award for Gymnastics Reporting
* Brindabella interviews Tain Molendijk
* Daria Joura's Perth Now Column
* Olivia Vivian's WAIS Blog
* The Age follows Ashleigh Brennan's road to Beijing
* ABC's 7:30 Report details Allana Slater's new Olympic pursuits
* Channel 9 News does a Waverley profile piece
* To be honest, I could nominate myself but it wouldn't be fair to the other nominees :P

11. Brittany Boffo Award for Memorable Gymnastics Mishaps
(Again, a really awesome name)
* Emma Dennis, Nationals, Floor - innovative forward roll out of stumble from full-in
* Daria Joura, Olympics, Bars - She went to Beijing and all she got was two black eyes.
* Lauren Mitchell, Olympics, Beam - the usually steady Mitchell uncharacteristically fell twice in prelims, much to her own frustration
* Zoe Lorenzin, Massilia Cup, Floor - not everyone can make a slip onto your bum from a tumbling line look a little bit adorable.

12. Gymsport Athlete/s of the Year
* Naazmi Johnston, Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Ben Wilden, Trampoline
* Scott Brown, Trampoline
* Keiran Gorman, Sport Aerobics
* Australian World Championships Senior Trio, Sports Acrobatics

13. Monique Allen Award for Successful Ex-Gymsporters
* Anthony Ikin, Sport Aerobics, So You Think You Can Dance?
* Trudy McIntosh, WAG, Aerial Skiing/Cirque du Soleil
* Sally Wills, WAG, Coaching/Business Awards
* Allana Slater, WAG, Judging/Pistol Shooting
* Alexandra Croak, Diving/Modelling
* Ian Bartlett, MAG, Gymnastics Australia Board Member
* Damian Istria, MAG, Cirque du Soleil

14. LOLgymnast of the Year

a) Shona Morgan and friend

b) Philippe Rizzo and friend

c) Chloe Sims

d) Emma Dennis and friend

e) Daria Joura and (invisible) friend


(ps- Apparently Hayley Wright's heading to Cirque as well, but this has only just come to light in the last 48 hours. So she'll miss a nomination, unfortch!)


Anonymous said...

Er, did you just fail to mention Hollie Dykes' retirement among the saddest moments of the year...?

Anonymous said...

Just looking at your gymsport player of the year it would be nice if you included acro. I know that its not publicised much (because GA dont give a hoot about it) but the acro ids also did well this year. The senior trio was 10th at worlds and a junior mixed pair made the finals and got 6th overall.
Just thougt I'd put it out there because we all know that GA cant be bothered.
Other than that AWESOME list Mez, some of that stuff I forgot even happened!!

Mez said...

Sorry, I was typing it quite late at night and was running dangerously close to clocking over my monthly internet limit so I didn't have the time to go back through all my old entries and go through GA gymsport squad pages. So I understand not everything is covered here.

I will add a couple of names to the list, as well as a category for Photo of the Year, later today.

I think I will also set up an email account for the Awards rather than using my own.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Hey Great list.... im surprised my boyfriend is actually on it... hes not really that well known yet but good job!!