Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stuttgart Success!

Germany, it can be said, is rather good to young Australians. overlooking that whole World War 2 thing of course... let's... let's not go there.

Anyway. They put up with our backpackers and beer-drinkers and they bring about some good results to our gymnasts.

Congratulations to Lauren Mitchell for her silver medals on beam and floor, between Cheng Fei and Yang Yilin on both counts; to Prashanth Sellathurai for a hard-fought pommel silver; and to Philippe Rizzo for making a great post-injury comeback and snaring a bronze on high bar as well as a 5th place on parallel bars.

Notes from the DTB site via Triple Full blog:

Lauren Mitchell suffered a big wobble after her layout stepout, layout back combo, but got a lot of applause for her double squat turn, and a well-deserved silver medal too.

Lauren Mitchell went out of bounds on her piked full-in and fell out of her triple turn, but nailed her double Arabian and other passes for her second silver of the day.

(Mez sez: She's doing a piked full-in now!?)

While no videos of Lauren's routines have surfaced, you can *just* catch her towards the end of Cheng Fei's gold medal-winning beam routine here. LeoWatch: She appears to be wearing the Beijing team final leotard, or something very much like it.


nade00 said...

I watched a feed and it was the Beijing team final leo. Prasanth hit his routine really well for a 15.975, it was just that Zhang had .3 more difficulty or thereabouts and pretty much equal execution socres to Prasanth.

Lauren looked very in shape and competed almost full difficulty it seems. 6.5 a-score on beam, 6.0/6.1 a-score on floor.

She must have dumped the double arabian piked for the pike full in. Although not as cool, I can see that this will allow her to be much more consistent on floor and will hopefully give her the success she deserves since she puts so much effort into dance and artistry.

She is a very versatile tumbler, in the past couple of years she has opened with a double layout, a whip triple twist, a double arabian piked and a piked full-in!

Mez said...

Good on her indeed - for a lot of gymnasts, those tumbles constitute their whole floor routine!

Hopefully she can get better landings on this tumble than the piked arabian double, which I'd only seen her stick (or land in-bounds) twice, in different major competitions (but her other tumbles would often not go as well after that).

But to medal at consecutive DTB Cups on the same two events is pretty damn good as well. She can't sniff at coming second to Cheng Fei, that's for sure! If she can stand alongside an Olympic medallist on the podium, that's a damn fine illustration of her talent.

Anonymous said...

Don't mention the war! You did ...... but I think you got away with it.


Anonymous said...

Lauren's BB routine.